• Champaign Pros & Cons of Different Types of Roofing Champaign IL

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    The decision to replace your old roofing is a critical step toward boosting the value and longevity of your home. Once you have decided to replace your roofing, you need to determine the best type of roof for your home.  Here are some of the commonly used roofing types, their pros, and cons too.

    Some Basic Considerations

    Champaign Illinois receives quite a bit of rain and snow every year. It gets 41 inches of rain and 20 inches of snow on an average every year. This could be a major factor in determining the right type of roofing for your house. Moreover, you need to consider the following factors.

    • Durability of the roofing material in terms of Champaign’s weather.
    • Longevity of the roofing material.
    • Weight of the material used should not be too much for the existing structure.
    • Aesthetics is a major consideration as the roofing materials used must complement the feel and overall look of your home.
    • Eco-friendly materials must be chosen.
    • Local code is of prime importance. You need to make sure that the new roofing would be adhering to the existing municipal regulations of Champaign, Illinois.

    The Different Roofing Materials


    Asphalt shingles are very popular and commonly used roofing material. Asphalt shingles comprise 80 percent of the entire housing market.

    Pros: They are known for being wind and fire-resistant. They are a cost-effective roofing solution. Asphalt shingles are moderate in terms of weight and are quite suitable for an assortment of slope types.

    Cons: Asphalt shingles are not so durable or eco-friendly. They are relatively lagging in terms of longevity in comparison to some other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles may necessitate repair or replacement more often. In Champaign IL thanks to the wet and humid weather, it is best to use the special algae-resistant asphalt shingles. Get in touch with a reliable company that is known for proficiency in Roofing Champaign IL.


    Metal roofs could be anything from copper to steel. As per, metal seems to be an ideal roofing material thanks to its longevity and recyclability. Moreover, metal roofing could be used because it is resistant to both algae and mildew growth; it offers fire safety and wind-resistance. Metal roofing has the advantage of being low in terms of weight.

    Pros: Metal roofing materials generally are recyclable, lightweight, and of course, energy-efficient. The metal roofing is known to absorb one-third of the total heat absorbed by asphalt. They offer great resistance to the harsh elements of the weather and are suitable for a broad spectrum of roof slopes.

    Cons: Metal roofs may not be aesthetically pleasing for some people. Steel roofing could be moderately priced but copper roofs are pretty expensive. A green patina develops on copper roofs with time. This could look quite unappealing and unattractive.

    Plastic Polymer

    Several new roofing options available in the market look pretty similar to slate or wooden shake but in reality, they are a high-tech plastic blend. Plastic polymer roofs could be great for older homes that require extra durability.

    Pros: These plastic polymer shingles require low maintenance and are pretty durable. They range from lightweight to moderate weight and are just right for older homes. They offer robust wind and fire resistance.

    Cons: These plastic polymer shingles are not suitable for weightier models. Moreover, they are relatively more costly as compared to asphalt shingles.


    We have discussed three commonly used roofing materials. You could consider some other materials such as clay, slate, or concrete as per your preferences. However, you may choose one of the above-discussed roofing materials based on their pros and cons.

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