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Posted On January 09, 2024

10 Splendid Churches in India Revered for Spirituality Across Eras

The churches of India represent a diverse tapestry of architectural marvels, each bearing its own unique historical and cultural significance. With Gothic, Romanesque, and Indo-Gothic styles, churches in India blend...

Posted On December 28, 2023

10 Types of Domes – Exploring Architectural Elegance

Types of domes stand as iconic symbols of architectural innovation and structural ingenuity across diverse civilizations and periods. These awe-inspiring types of domes, often characterised by their curved and rounded...

Posted On December 27, 2023

20 Types of Lighting: Illuminate Your Space with Style

The type of lighting used plays a crucial role in architecture and interior design. Imagine walking into a room that captivates you with its warm ambience or stepping outside at...

Posted On December 26, 2023

Set Design: A Guide to Manifest Stories into Built Environment

Set Design, also known as Scenic Design, is the process of building a physical environment for the story. The process of set design dwells into the storyline, catches its themes,...

  • Posted On December 24, 2023

    Types of Vaults in Architecture: Structure and Architecture Style

    Throughout history and timeline of periodic styles, we have witnessed numerous Types of Vaults in Architecture. Vaulted ceilings refer to architectural designs where the ceiling is arched or curved, creating...

    Posted On December 23, 2023

    Modulor By Le Corbusier: Uncovers Secrets of Design Harmony

    Modulor by Le Corbusier invites readers into a captivating realm where architecture transcends conventional norms. With an intriguing blend of insight and imagination, the book presents a complex narrative that...

    Posted On December 21, 2023

    “Less is More” – Designing with Simplicity and Elegance

    Have you ever heard the saying “Less is More”? Many architects adopt this aphorism, linked to the pioneering architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, regarded as one of the pioneers...

    Posted On December 15, 2023

    Symmetry in Architecture: Where the Elegance Meets Precision

    Symmetry in Architecture acts as the basic design principle of arranging things in a way that is both harmonious and balanced. It fosters a sense of order, solidity, and grace...

    Posted On December 15, 2023

    Demolished Buildings: 15 Architectural Icons That Are Now Memory

    Whether demolished buildings or not, architecture holds value at the time to serve its functional purpose. In addition, design, spaces, and materials that uplift its aesthetic values support the functions...

    Posted On December 13, 2023

    Form Follows Function: 10 Ways To Implement in Modern Design

    “Form follows function” is a design principle that encapsulates the essence of purpose-driven creativity across various disciplines. Originating in the early 20th century, this maxim has had a profound influence...

    Posted On December 05, 2023

    20 Palace Design Styles: Encapsulating The Best of India

    Palace Design unfolds a captivating tapestry of architectural opulence across India, where each regal structure narrates a unique tale of opulence, history, innovation, and cultural diversity. From the sprawling hill...

    Posted On November 23, 2023

    20 Skyscraper Design: Challenge and Beauty of the Upcoming Era

    As we enter the compact urbanisation era, adequate Skyscraper Design is not just a luxury but also a need. Skyscraper Design is admirable with its condensation of the form, functions,...

    Posted On May 16, 2021

    Residence Evoking a Bohemian Aesthetic Essence : House Dyuthi | Tales of Design

    Residence Evoking a Bohemian Aesthetic Essence : House Dyuthi | Tales of Design House Dyuthi is located in Parakkad suburbs situated a few kilometers from Thrissur city, cultural capital of...

    Posted On December 13, 2018

    How to tell if it’s time to replace your Cladding or Siding?

    Cladding or siding is one of the most popular choices when covering houses and for good reason. The right cladding does more than just add curb appeal to your home....

    Posted On January 07, 2017

    20+ Remarkable Modern House Design in India

    When we talk about small house design, a picture of comfortable living, a cozy corner, and a welcoming environment is drawn in our heads. In India, the small house design trends are...