20 Skyscraper Design: Challenge and Beauty of the Upcoming Era

As we enter the compact urbanisation era, adequate Skyscraper Design is not just a luxury but also a need. Skyscraper Design is admirable with its condensation of the form, functions, and services of the building in a relatively smaller footprint. But that hasn’t restricted architects from creating beautiful iterations of skyscrapers, especially in India. Skyscraper Design harmonises the vertical volume while considering all of the residents and tenants needs. Skyscraper Design don’t have to be simple blocks of rectangles, and to contradict these notions, the following are 20 examples of beautiful Skyscraper Design in India:

World One, Mumbai

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Lodha Group and architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners’ collaboration is a remarkable example of redefining Mumbai’s skyline in a compact area with organic forms. This is a 280-metre skyscraper engulfed with natural cross-ventilation, and the ‘clover leaf’ plan is a perfect example to suit the title. This skyscraper ranks 2nd in India for the tallest skyscrapers and 313rd in the world. Even at this height, the architects didn’t compromise on the quality of the balconies and amenities provided. This 17-acre mixed-use has it all, from the swimming pool, clubhouse, and private landscaped terraces to balconies with unobstructed panoramic views.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Somaya & Kadappa

Amanora Gateway Towers, Pune

This Skyscraper around 148-meter in height acts as a gateway to the Amanora township in Pune. This is a beautiful example of Skyscraper defying the normal norms of rectangular vertical volume. There is a distinct separation between the core of the building and the rest of the floor plate. Because of this, it creates a balanced look on the facade.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Good Homes India

Planet Godrej, Mumbai

Located in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, this skyscraper adorns the locality with its ritzy and subtle form. It comprises five towers, with units ranging from 2 BHK of 1400 square feet to 5 BHK of 3700 square feet. It has a distinctive and elusive curve geometry with an elaborative facade. The foreground of the building is what really brings up its volume.

Image Credits: Planet Godrej

Kalpataru Avana, Mumbai

This 52-story skyscraper right in the heart of Mumbai is a treat to your eyes. Not only aesthetically, but the floor layout planning is also done in a way that accentuates the natural light and ventilation. The play in the vertical volumes while taking advantage of the greater height of the core balances up the geometry.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Savills

Lodha Almount, Mumbai

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Dadar, these 41-story commercial complexes are a treat to the eyes. Not only does it soar in height, but its construction techniques include column-less design. What’s more to adore in the skyscraper is the segregation of volumes with the association of different materials and colors. The area consumed is around 16 lakh square feet, which includes a luxurious lobby and multi-level parking spaces.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Archinect

Image Credits: Archinect

Supernova Spira, Noida

This 80-story high-rise is the tallest skyscraper in Noida. It’s a mixed-use project with a futuristic design. It is truly notable for its modern facade with sleek lines and advanced construction technologies. Supernova also integrates the use of eco-friendly materials and the consumption of green spaces. Located in Sector 94, Supernova takes extreme advantage of its proximity to business hubs and urban centres.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Skyscraper Center

One Avighna Park, Mumbai

One Avignhna is a 3-acre redevelopment project in Mumbai with 64-story towers, aiming for a balance between luxury and sustainability. Architect Vivek Bhole focused on prioritising functionality over form, and the results are marvelous. He had the notion that ‘which is linear must be synthetic, as nature eschews rectilinearity’, thus creating some really intriguing and intricate geometry on the façade. It has a grand 15,000-square-foot lobby, which leads to the core of the building. Which has a framework to transfer the lateral forces, including seismic forces, into the core.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Archello

The Trump Towers, Pune

Developed by The Panchshil Group in Pune, the Trump Towers stand tall in a luxurious black glass façade. These include ready-to-move-in 5.5BHK units, defining luxury with a glorious 360-degree view of the city. These skyscrapers are 23 floors each, with 46 residential units in them. The simple, dual-dark rectangular mass makes a statement on the skyline of Pune. These towers attained the Platinum Award for Green Homes from IGBC.

Image Credits: Trump Tower Pune

Imperial Towers, Mumbai

Completed in 2010 and designed by architect Hafeez Contractor in the former slums of Tardeo, it gives off an industrial-style vibe. This style is what truly makes the Imperial Tower beautiful. It is also mainly because of its pediment roof, which heavily highlights darker frames. This construction is done without beams by transferring its weight directly to columns, allowing for various probabilities. These 60-story skyscrapers rank 10th in India among the tallest buildings. Though it may seem like a modernist-style twin tower, it definitely gives some sense of raw materials adhering to industrial style.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Architectuul

Crescent Bay, Mumbai

Located in Parel, Mumbai, is this cluster of skyscrapers called The Crescent Bay. These range from 52 to 62 stories and are connected by a bridge at 300 feet high. What truly makes this skyscraper beautiful are various factors. They are the gradual ascending height of the building, forming a symphony, the connecting bridge, and most importantly, the 5-story green space podium surrounded by this cluster. The bridge forms a striking night view.

Image Credits: L & T Reality

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Skyscraper Center

Trump Towers, Mumbai

Who doesn’t like gold? Trump Towers make a statement in each of their locations. Trump Towers in Mumbai is a golden skyscraper, soaring not only in height but also in beauty. It’s located on a 7-acre land with 79 floors and was completed in the year 2021. The Trump Towers defines luxury living and adds a vibrant touch to the skyline of Mumbai. This skyscraper comprises two wings with residential units ranging from 3 to 4 BHK. Wing A has 2 units of 3BHK and 1 unit of 4BHK. While Wing B has 2 units of 4 BHK and 1 unit of 3 BHK.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The 42, Kolkata

The 42 is the tallest skyscraper in Kolkata, with 60 stories designed by architect Hafeez Contractor. The initial four levels make up the lobby and service areas, followed by six levels of parking. Above, it accommodates 56 bungalow apartments. Moreover, these villas in the clouds are perfectly assembled in a square, with a contemporary style of design. The sheer volume of the square protruded till the clouds hint at the extreme structural design and piling that ought to be done.

Image Credits: Telegraph India

Brigade Exotica, Bengaluru

This beautiful skyscraper in Bengaluru, located on 10.4-acre land, comprises 3 and 4 BHK units. This skyscraper is beautiful on different levels. Firstly, the units are laid out in a ‘L’ form with inner corner space for balconies or green spaces. Secondly, those plans mirror a set of floors, which creates a unique geometry on the façade. They have aimed to use these corner balcony spaces as community spaces to counter the ascending height of the building. From the front, it may look like just an aesthetic feature, but it’s part of a well-laid-out plan.

Image Credits:

The Ruby, Mumbai

Image Credits:

This skyscraper was designed to be an iconic landmark for Mumbai’s skyline, and it has turned out to be one. It is defined as a postmodern style of expression, but it also resembles hues of brutalist architecture, even with the use of glass. Designed by German-Iranian architect Hadi Tehrani, this skyscraper is 43 floors high and has clear lines defining the structure. There is no ambiguity in what the architect wants to portray. Neither has he compensated function for form.

Image Credits:

Kanchanjunga Apartments, Mumbai

The list of the most beautiful skyscrapers in India will be incomplete without listing Kanchanjunga. Though it doesn’t reach the sky like all other skyscrapers aim to, Kanchanjunga is a testament to climate-responsive active planning. It is a Brutalist style of architecture designed by Charles Correa Architects. The floor plates stagger in a way to get the most out of natural ventilation and have courtyards. This skyscraper is 27 floors high, accommodating 32 apartments, and is a perfect example of a beautiful skyscraper. It has a slip-form construction with a central core, allowing it to assemble all the functions neatly in the cantilevered area.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Architectuul

Island City Center, Mumbai

Island City Centre, located in Mumbai, is 68 floors high with two buildings. They include ICC 1 and ICC 2, and they both have their core in the centre. Staircases, lifts, passages, and ducts are part of the core, while all their units are on the periphery. Both towers have 3BHK and 4BHK units, which were designed by the Wadia Group. The duo, ICC1 and ICC2, complement each other and form the perfect picturesque view.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Bombay Realty

Kohinoor Square, Mumbai

Image Credits: Magic Bricks

Located at the crux of Mumbai, where all 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. people travel, is Kohinoor Square. Apparently, their inspiration was a real diamond, hence the name Kohinoor. The skyscraper has a sturdy core and post-tensioned slab to tackle the wind load. The custom point-supported glazing links the steel trusses of the podium, which are below the curtain wall façade. In the vast skyline of Mumbai, it sure does shine like a diamond because of its cut edges.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Thornton Tomasetti

Sunshine Tower, Mumbai

This skyscraper is a 7181-square-foot office space located in Dadar, Mumbai. It is a 41-story building with a basement floor, a ground floor, and five podium floors. Completed in 2011, Sunshine Tower has a very neat floor plan. It comprises all core, services, and restrooms on one side of the floor plate, and the remaining is office space. Its façade is simple yet conforms to the basic square floor plate. Overall, it qualifies as a great example of a beautiful skyscraper.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: Pratibha Industries (Facebook)

Shreepati Arcade, Mumbai

This is an example of an astonishing skyscraper built two decades ago. Reza Kabul Architects designed the 45 floors of Shreepati Arcade in 2002. The architect used a material called ‘clad in glass mosaic tiles’ back then to keep the façade safe from hairline cracks and also resistant to flexion. The floorplate of this skyscraper is quite intriguing and pays attention to every detail of the construction. That’s why this makes a perfect example for the list of beautiful skyscrapers.

Image Credits: ARK Reza Kabul Architects

World Trade Center, Bengaluru

Completed in 2010 by HOK Architects, this skyscraper soars up to 32 floors with commercial and office spaces. The form is a subtle curve with its edges sleeking out, giving the structure definite geometry. It is the second-tallest building in Bengaluru and a majestic sight. The building adheres to sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

Skyscraper Design
Image Credits: WTC Bangalore

There are numerous designs of Skyscrapers from all around the world. As we inhabit the land around the sphere, unique Skyscraper Design is allowing us to reach the sky as well. The Skyscraper Design varies from state to state, from architect to architect, and mainly from people to people. People are what make India, and they contribute mainly to the design of Skyscrapers. Their needs, along with the needs of the climate and environment, are the foundation. Vertical cities aren’t a foreign concept; these examples have proved that with the right Skyscraper Design one can surely reach the stars.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Lekha More

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