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Posted On March 13, 2024

10 Concrete Alternatives For An Eco-Friendly Environment

Looking at the current scenario of global warming and climate conditions, there is an urgent need for eco-friendly concrete alternatives. Almost 70% of the world’s population lives on concrete infrastructure....

Posted On December 23, 2023

Modulor By Le Corbusier: Uncovers Secrets of Design Harmony

Modulor by Le Corbusier invites readers into a captivating realm where architecture transcends conventional norms. With an intriguing blend of insight and imagination, the book presents a complex narrative that...

Posted On November 06, 2023

Industrial Style Interior Design: 20 Features That Are Timeless

Industrial Style Interior Design is a minimalistic design style a designer adapts to amplify the space. This design style combines all the architectural elements in their natural forms to give...

Posted On September 26, 2023

30 Appealing Commercial Building Design Projects 2023

Commercial Building Design focuses on the specific needs of businesses. It has a wide spectrum of office buildings, medical centres, hospitality, mixed-use, retail stores, and so on. Furthermore, an efficient...

  • Posted On July 31, 2023

    IF.BE Ice Factory Ballard Estate | Malik Architecture

    The 140-year-old Ambico Ice Factory is located in Ballard estate, the heart of Mumbai’s heritage precinct. We have reimagined the space as IF.BE (Ice Factory Ballard Estate), is an organism...

    Posted On July 28, 2023

    Surat Diamond Bourse; the largest office in the world

    For years the Pentagon in the USA was the largest commercial structure in the world until Gujarat’s new Diamond hub took over. SDB; Surat Diamond Bourse is the biggest office...

    Posted On June 08, 2023

    The Largest Terracotta Brick Tile Arched Vault Structure In India | The Grid Architects

    “The sheer ingenuity of structural design and engineering is reflected in every brick cast in the structure. Tarang’s creation comes from an unalloyed motive to explore and reciprocate for the...

    Posted On August 22, 2020

    Office In A Shed | MuseLAB

    Office In A Shed | MuseLAB We recently completed a 3000 sqft G+1 office building for Zarhak steels. The most exciting thing about this project was the context. We were given...

    Posted On June 29, 2020

    This Building’s Form And Surfaces Portray The Basic Properties Of Metal | SferaBlu Architects

    This Building’s Form And Surfaces Portray The Basic Properties Of Metal | SferaBlu Architects In contrast to its industrial vicinity which is highly polluted, noisy, and dusty, this corporate office...