Buying Used Office Chairs – What are the challenges?

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Most people opt for second-hand products because of various reasons including tight budgets and the need to save some cash. However, when buying used office products, for instance, used office chairs, you need to be extra careful. Even though the product has been used by another person, you must make sure that it is still in good condition. The best way to go about buying second-hand office chairs is through reliable vendors with positive feedback from buyers.

But it’s still worth noting that there are some problems associated with buying used office chairs according to an office furniture store in Fort Lauderdale. Thus, before you make that decision, you need to know what to expect and the consequences that come along. 

Here are some of the problems associated with buying pre-owned office chairs.

  1. No warranty

Most used chairs or even any other second-hand product does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, there is no guarantee that the chair is good. 

This means that if the chair develops some conditions, even a day after being purchased, you won’t get a refund. Your business with the re-seller ends as soon as you hand in your money and you get the office chair. So, you shouldn’t expect a service plan or warranty when shopping for a second-hand chair.

2. Shorter life

If you need an office chair that will serve you for a lifetime, then you will need to reconsider getting it second hand. Ordinarily, a product’s life cycle decreases with time. 

As the name suggests, the chairs have been used by someone else and you may not know for how long. Besides, you may not know who was using the chair and how he or she was using it. 

Remember this is something you will be using every day and for long hours in your office hence you need to get it right. You should not buy a second-hand office chair that has been in use for a very long time.

3. Unoriginal or missing parts

Office chairs are made with special and original materials for comfort and stability. However, if the chair develops some defects, say one of the armrests breaks, the parts may need to be repaired or replaced. 

Getting original materials to conduct the repairs is both difficult and expensive. This is why many re-sellers dealing in used office chairs opt to repair those chairs with unoriginal parts before selling the chairs to you. The unoriginal parts will affect the quality of the chair and the ability to support your body. You may not recognize the un-original parts at first sight but with time, they will reveal themselves.

Also, some retailers may sell the chair to you without all the parts in exchange for a cut in the price – don’t fall for it.

4. Hidden defects

Even with your sharp eyes, you won’t spot all the defects in a used office chair when acquiring one, more so, if it’s your first time buying an office chair. 

Some defects can not be spotted with our necked eyes and will only show up days after you start using the chair. This will force you to conduct some repairs on the chair which will cost you a fortune, plus finding a repair or replacement part for an office chair is not that easy.

You can avoid this problem by testing the used office chair, or bringing a professional to check the chair for you before buying it.

5. It’s not economical

You may think that buying a used office chair is economical and that you will save a few dollars, but when you do your maths right, it’s not.

One of the reasons most people go for second-hand office chairs is because they can’t afford the cost of a new one. 

However, you should not just focus on the initial cost of the used office chair. A second-hand chair will not serve you for as long as a new chair – you will probably need to replace it within a short period. When making such a financial decision, you should learn to prioritize value over cost.

6. Hygiene might be a problem

Even if the reseller has made efforts to clean the chair, its appearance might not be like that of a new one especially, the upholstery. This will depend on how long the chair has been in use. 

The color might have started to fade thus affecting the look of the chair. But since you are shopping for it second hand, and at a lower price, you are in no position to complain.

However, if you don’t like the appearance of your used office chair, you can always reupholster it. But the extra cost will come from your pocket.

7. Limited design options

If you wish to pair or match your office chairs, then you won’t achieve your needs if you choose to buy them used. 

The market for used office chairs always has limited design options, styles, colors, and configurations options. If you’re buying them in bulk, it will be hard for you to find similar models and designs since the chairs come from different parts and regions.

So if you don’t want to make your office look low budget, always shop for new office chairs rather than recycling the used ones. Or consider buying from reliable vendors like Office Furniture Warehouse who refurbish chairs into quality furniture pieces that are no different from new office chairs.