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    This residential project aptly named as “THE EUROPEAN ART HOUSE” is a result of an inspired amalgamation of the architecture of the house and the love for art and culture of the homeowners. This villa houses 3 bedrooms and a private family room on the first floor, a guest room, living, dining, kitchen and foyer occupy the ground floor; the villa also includes space for a patio.

    This home was conceived of as a place where its residents could shed all layers and inhabit the space as their authentic selves; and such are the interiors that reflect the personality of their dweller. The villa reveals itself in layers with public spaces having the warmth of a holistic interior while the private areas cater to personal tastes. Blending facets of European architecture, traditional Indian crafts and contemporary aesthetics the team has successfully achieved a beautiful and seamless integration of art, culture and modern living.

    Blending Facets Of European Architecture, Traditional Indian Crafts And Contemporary Aesthetics | IBR Designs

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    The foyer, the entryway of the home is the prologue of the narrative. It is the space that introduces one to the story of the house; the story about art, about culture, about the love for greens and all the bits and bobs that make up a family’s’ sacred and intimate space.

    Greeting one as they enter the house is the vibrant teal wall that serves as the brilliant backdrop for a customised mirror and console table. Over to the left is a display of the diverse arts and crafts that have been created and mastered by the homeowner over the years. Wooden rafters in conjunction with the dreamy and colonial hanging light from Beruru give this space a more ethereal feel.

    The foyer opens to its right into a modest and bright living room. The foyer opens to its right into welcoming haven. Located adjacent to the patio, this airy living room offers a scenic view of the outdoors while creating a soothing ambiance indoors.

    A contemporary grey couch paired with a customized plush blue single seater sitting on a coordinated abstract carpet is ideal for the family to congregate under a paneled ceiling and large windows which welcomes streaks of daylight. Hand-painted by the homeowner, the striking art piece enlivens corners and makes the space smile. A display of artistic décor pieces adorn the living area in a customized cabinet adding a personal touch. Completing the look of this space is the black and gold circular chandelier that bedecks the paneled ceiling curated to reflect panache.

    A view from the living room reveals a spacious dining room also adjacent to the patio. Clean enough to be tidy and bright enough to be happy, the dining room is dyed neutral. The center of attention, the jewel of the dining is the Victorian chandelier that adds a cinematic flair to the pared down sensibilities of the room. Wooden rafters bestow calm, and minimalism poised by wood and contrasted by gentle decor tones and textures.

    The dining ensemble consists of a very elegant white and black marble standing atop antique wooden legs refurbished from the family’s’ previously used furniture paired with contemporary wooden chairs. Also present in the dining room is a curious repurposed Edwardian cabinet that earlier served as a storage for clothes. With the addition of framed glass shutters, it today serves as a crockery cum wine storage cabinet.

    Dressed in stone, the patio area is a peaceful sanctuary. A serene combination of stone with the greens and the timeless granite is striking in its simplicity and restraint. A very simple and minimalistic design was made for this pergola to create a plush but at the same time intimate and enjoyable vibe.

    Located in the far corner of the villa, adjacent to the dining area is this refreshing spacious kitchen. A colour palette of muted sage green and white paired with walnut is reminiscent of nature and adds a fresh, organic feel to the kitchen.  With ample amount of natural light falling in the space, the light-coloured quartz and island opens up the space and makes the kitchen feel bigger than it is.

    The sage green cabinet shutters ornated with a beading adds that European charm in modesty. Giving the space a cohesive look while adding a warm charm to the kitchen, a striking brass light hangs formidably over the crisp white and black island counter paired with contemporary breakfast chairs.

    Light and breezy, occupying the ground floor is this timeless guest room. Set in a monochrome color palette, awash with natural light. Opposite the bed is a modest study provided with shelves and storage.  Simplicity and serenity being the key drivers of the ambience create a peaceful sanctuary for the dweller.

    A centrally located family room on the first floor serves as a hub for the family to enjoy their private moments. A balcony in the living room overlooking the manicured garden serves as a bar. The space is light on the eyes decked with bespoke elegance, fusion of luxury and subtlety.

    The formidable Sabyasachi wallpaper adorns the sleek and sophisticated TV unit while the seating space is occupied by refurbished sofa and center table sitting atop a dhurrie carpet adding the European charm is a white paneled wall finished off with a ledge under the focus of wall lights providing space to show off those art pieces. The chandelier is the one swift element that heightens the luxuriousness of this space.

    Serving as a compact bar area, the first-floor balcony is contemporary with touches of traditional décor. The beautifully grained oak veneer paneling decks the wall below which is a functional storage. The black granite countertop complements the look of the space provided with contemporary bar chairs for seating. Enhancing the arches of the villa and imbued with an unmistakable grandiose of vintage design is the chandelier sourced from Prism Lights.

    The master bedroom is a masterful meld of color, style and pizzazz. Everything about this elegant room, from its inherent sense of style to the immediate perception of luxury spells whimsy. The color palette embodies a harmonic union of pure whites and subtle pink with dominant and powerful blues. Occupying this room is a modernized version of the colonial style four poster bed flanked by side tables on each side and a buttoned foot bench.

    While in one corner of the room sits a piano for those lazy moments, the other corner is occupied by a functional yet classic table that serves as a study. Adding a splash of luxury and grandeur is the hanging light from Prism Lights.

    A quintessential conversation starter, to the left of the master bedroom is the entry to an outdoor balcony offering views of the primed community. Achieving harmony between the architectural environment is a masterful meld of ancient and contemporary. The black framed glass pergola provides for a sheltered area to enjoy the outdoors. Occupying the space is this very compact seating ensemble consisting of a traditional and opulent single seater and a glass table

    Designed for the creative mind of the family, this room was meant to rejuvenate and energize the creative juices; an almost blank canvas that stays away from overwhelming distractions. A combination of a muted colour palette and an earthy oak veneer elevated with boho styling, fashions a look desired by the dweller.

    Dressing up the clean and simple bed ensemble is a traditional seating area paying an ode to the craftsmanship of India. Eye-catching and imbued with a sense of fun is a white cabinet at the entrance of the room.

    A step into this room, the world falls away and time stands still. With a vivid blue and white color scheme this space ceaselessly serenades one with the arresting melodies of Santorini. Vivacious and alive, the blue and white is paired with the earthy oak veneer to create a symphonic composition.

    Effortlessly pairing down the strong personality of the room are clean and simple customized furniture elements. The study is functional and serves its purpose, while a cabinet to its left provides ample space for any kind of storage. The graded blinds and curtains add that extra splash of blue just a tad so as to not overwhelm the space while the carpet fulfills any lack of pattern in the room.


    Designed by : IBR Designs


    Project Name : The European Art House

    Location : Bangalore

    Year Built : 2022

    Built up : 5200 sq.ft


    Principal Designer : RANJANI SIGAMANI

    Photograph Courtesy : NAYAN SONI

    Firm’s Website Link : IBR Designs

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