Best Ways to Make Your Mattress Look Cozy

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Best Ways to Make Your Mattress Look Cozy

Sleep is essential for a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. Recently, several clinical trials have demonstrated that lack of sleep has multiple adverse side effects on overall health. These can range of mood changes, memory issues, diminished cognitive abilities, trouble with concentration, underperformance, low sex drive, obesity, and poor balance to an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, accidents, and stroke.


A good, quality mattress is the foundation of a comfortable, supportive bed, and the main contributor to a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, a few additions are required to make the mattress not just feel comfortable but look cozy as well.


Matching Sheets and Pillow Cases

A set of bedsheets, i.e., fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases, can provide the mattress with that luxurious feel required for a comfortable sleep. Pillowcases are just as important as sheets, and they usually come from the same set for a balanced appearance. The materials used to make bedsheets and pillows cases are especially important. Take silk, for instance. Silk bed sheet sets reduce friction forces, leave silkier hair, and have moisture-wicking properties.


Other materials recommended include soft fiber sheets, such as bamboo sheets that are lush, thick, and soft to the touch, as well as 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases because it is breathable, cool to the touch, and lightweight. One can also choose a bed sheet set made of other types of cotton, flannel, eucalyptus tree wood pulp, polyester, or blended fabrics. The duvet cover can also come from the same set as the sheets and pillowcase for equilibrium purposes.


Duvet, Shams, Pillows, and Bed Skirt

The mattress is the main contributor to a bed’s comfort. Mattress Matches advisors provide a full selection of unbiased reviews of a wide range of mattresses coming from well-established producers and manufactured using a complete spectrum of technologies and materials. In a similar way, the duvet scores highest when it comes to making a mattress look cozy. Things to consider when selecting a duvet: thickness, feel, insert materials, hypoallergenic properties, weight, reversibility, etc.


Look for a luxurious-looking bed like RestRightMattress, cozy duvet that can reduce allergy symptoms by resisting dust mites, mildew, and mold spores, as well as one that is washable and safe to tumble dry. Materials available for duvet inserts range from microfiber, several types of cotton, and siliconized fiber to synthetic fills.


Advice: incorporate matching shams, pillows, and bed sheet set in the design to make the mattress/bed look cozier. Moreover, use a contrasting color for the bed skirt and take coziness to a whole new level. Also you would like to check out >> Mattress Brands in India


Bed Spread, Throw, and Toss Cushions

For the ultimate cozy look, choose matching bedspread and toss cushions. A set provides the sense of balance that everyone is looking for because of its calming effect. However, selecting a unicolor comforter and throwing some contrasting cushions can achieve the same result. It really depends on personal preferences. There is just one rule to stick to, i.e., refrain from using more than one stylized pattern because mixing different patterns can get tiring on the eye and remove any sense of coziness.


As for the throw, that is the personal touch of a bed and mattress décor. The sky is the limit when it comes to its uniqueness or the materials it is made off. Some prefer a throw blanket that sticks to the color scheme of the entire bed décor while others seek throws that stand out in all respects: color, texture, feel, and style. The material range covers easy-care cotton, pure wool, faux fur, plush, knitted, quilted, Sherpa, and more. The selection of materials and colors available for throw blankets is quite broad.



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