Best way to clean carpet and tile floors for home

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Gone are the days when floors were considered a mere bottom part of a structure. Modern flooring is a center of attraction in most establishments. Whether it’s a home or office, elegantly-designed floors transform a simple place and create a lasting impression in the minds of guests. However, it may be difficult to clean both carpet and tile floors. This is even more correct when you lack the necessary info. Here’s how to clean tile flooring and carpets.

Best way to clean carpet and tile floors

When it comes to floor cleaning, many people don’t bother much. They pick a common household cleaning solution for the job. Sadly, most of them fail to gain fruitful results. The floor looks unappealing due to the wrong choice of the solution. Certain solutions even damage the floor, bringing a major financial disaster. You ought to exercise due diligence when picking floor cleaners. Additionally, following a planned approach is imperative to enjoy the Best Affordable Carpet Cleaners.

How to clean carpets


Carpet is the first thing people see when they visit your house. So, cleaning the rug carpet makes a huge difference. The cleaner you keep your carpets, the longer they’ll last.

First of all, get rid of dry dust and dirt from rugs. Use a high-quality broom for the job. Next, wash the carpet using a cleaning solution. Make sure you use a solution meant for carpets to get fruitful results. Common solutions won’t produce the desired outcome.

How to clean tile floors

Some people just sweep their tile flooring to get rid of dust and dirt Sweeping only removes dry dirt, but what about wet stains? You need a better solution to get rid of stuck debris from tile surfaces. Here’s a handy guide that should help out.

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile flooring

Some folks undertake the tile cleaning process during their weekends. However, they fail at attaining a clean, pristine floor. You can’t retain the sheen of your surfaces through occasional cleaning. Rather, you need to commit a dedicated approach. Sweeping tile floors once every two days is highly recommended.

Next, choose a top-quality mop. Sweeping eases your cleaning tenure. However, stuck, wet elements are difficult to remove. To wipe out such elements, you need a floor mop. You can find rag mops, chamois-style mops, and sponge mops on the market. Choose a rag or chamois-style mop. They work best for tile flooring.

Now choose a mild detergent for washing tile floors. Using detergent and water, wash the surface efficiently. Collect water and dirt using the mop. Squeeze out excess water from the mop. Also, change the water regularly to avoid leaving a haze of grime on the floor surface. Repeat the mopping process until the flooring gets efficiently cleaned.

While tile cleaning is easy, getting rid of dirt from grout is equally difficult. Due to their porous nature, grout absorbs stains. Use a baking soda and water mixture for grout cleaning. Rub the mixture on the stains and allow it to sit for a couple of hours. Use a nylon brush to scrub the area to eliminate wax and other stains. Continue the scrubbing process until you get the desired results.

How to clean Vinyl and Linoleum tile floors

Vinyl and linoleum are affordable options for stone and ceramic, but their upkeep is important. If you’ve a vinyl floor, sweep it using a broom to collect dry dirt. Mop the floor with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution. A mixture of water and vinegar also delivers fruitful results.

If you’ve linoleum flooring, sweep it to remove dry dust. Next, use a cleaning solution designed for linoleum. A paste of borax and water can also come in handy for linoleum tile floors.

How to clean marble and natural tile flooring

Marble, slate, or granite tile flooring can be cleaned just like porcelain and ceramic floors, but with certain caveats. You need a soft-bristled broom for marble and stone tiles.

In addition to this, you need a specific cleaner for picking wet stains. Slate and marble tile floors can’t sustain anything acidic. So, be wary of this fact when choosing a cleaner. Other things remain the same for the cleaning task.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming devices are gaining huge popularity as the best way to clean both carpet and tile floors. Buy a top-class vacuum cleaner. After sweeping, pour the cleaning solution on tile or carpet flooring. Suck the stuck, wet stains with the vacuum cleaner. Within minutes, the floor will get free of dirt and debris.

Bottom line

Floors are an integral part of any structure. As such, they need regular attention. Check the above steps and follow them properly to clean both carpet and tile floors. If you stick to the cleaning process effectively, you’ll enjoy the sheen and beauty of your flooring for years.

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