Best Tips to Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

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Wooden flooring gives a classy look to your home and adds to the home decor. But you really need to be choosy in selecting the wooden floor. The engineered wooden floor is highly fit for use due to its layered structure. It offers good resistance to humidity and temperature. Apart from this fact you also need to consider that engineered woods are present in different quality and different grades. It is categorised on the basis of species of wood, colour schemes, structural specifications and types of finish.


So it is important to have some tips to go with a wise choice. If you are looking for a few just go through the blog below.


Top Concerns while Buying Engineered Wooden Flooring

Consider the below-mentioned tips for making a choice for wooden flooring:


Structure of wear layer:

Multiple layers of cross wooden structure bind together to form an engineered wooden flooring. The topmost layer of the cluster is referred to as wear layer. The structure of a high-quality wooden layer is completely solid. It is made up of a single layer of timber in top qualities of the end product though you can find the wear layer made up with various strips in certain cases their then the quality of the product is highly degraded. Proper structure of wear layer is must to have the strength and durability in flooring.


Under-core of the complete structure:

What lies beneath the oak is equally important as its outer structure. The strength of the wooden tile or plank highly depends on under-core. A good quality board will consist of multi-laminated hardwood ply whereas in case of cheap product there are only one to two layers. It is really important to have good quality under-core in case you employ the flooring in the areas of high heat and varied temperatures. Engineered Herringbone Oak can be one of the wisest choices to go with. It can withstand heat and high temperatures without any wear and tear.



Just like normal tiles, wooden tiles are also available in numerous sizes. There is no effect of dimensions on the overall quality, yet it is a decisive factor if you take cost into considerations. Short and narrow tiles are available at a low cost in comparison to that of wide and long wooden tiles. You can choose the product as per your budget, purpose, area, design and property. It can be a customised preference that may vary as per the customers.


The finish of engineered wooden tile:

These are basically bifurcated in two categories that are untreated boards and pre-treated boards. Both of them have their own advantages. Pre-treated boards are treated in the factory and there is no chance of damage or scratches in transportation as it is available with a protective layer. On the other hand with untreated boards, you can achieve your desired finish, colour and texture by carrying out on-site treatment. The choice can be made as per the customer’s personalised priority.



It is a lifetime process, go with the boards that come up with easy maintenance. In order to have reduced efforts go for products that are given a high-quality treatment of hard-wax oil or treatex. These are resistant to any kind of scratches and dents. It will give nice reflective features of real wood flooring and does not acquire any stains or marks. The maintenance is easy with the kit available in the market.


Final Words:

Planning to have engineered wooden flooring at your home or office? Take the above-mentioned tips into consideration to have the right knowledge about the planks and boards.

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