Benefits of Aluminium Windows

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Aluminium windows, like those manufactured by Vision Solutions Glass & Aliminium, have for a long time been used in commercial and industrial applications because they are made from frames that are strong and durable. Aluminium frames are available in a variety of colours and feature slim profiles that are both attractive and easy to maintain. In recent times, aluminium windows have also become popular among residential customers who are looking to achieve a contemporary look in their homes. Aluminium windows are a modern-looking choice that offers a wide range of benefits.

The history of aluminium windows dates back to the 1960s when they were first manufactured. Back then, aluminium windows were very popular because they were resistant to numerous window problems such as rust, rot, moisture absorption, sticking and warping. Initially, production costs for these windows were relatively low due to the lower costs of raw materials back then. In recent years, metal prices have gone up making production of aluminium windows a somewhat expensive affair. However, the many benefits that aluminium windows have to offer are the main reason why many commercial, industrial and residential customers still prefer them over other cheaper alternatives.

Until recently, aluminium windows were rarely used in residential construction projects. This was attributed to the fact that the windows were observed to allow heat to escape through conductivity. However, various advancements and developments in the metals industry such as the use of thermal breaks has led to the production of more energy efficient aluminium frames. Aluminium windows are now back with a bang and many people are rushing to install these strong and attractive windows in their homes.

Aluminium windows are suitable for all types of homes. They require very minimal maintenance and upkeep meaning you will never have to worry about your windows once you have installed them. They are also pretty stylish. The use of double glazing and thermal breaks ensures that the windows keep heat in to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Aluminium frames are also good sound insulators which means the windows will keep noises out for a peaceful and relaxing living experience.


It goes without saying that these windows offer the very best in terms of strength and durability. The frames are fixed directly into the hardwood subframe or brickwork to ensure they are sturdy and firmly in place. For the best experience, homeowners are advised to install slim aluminium frames that have both double glazing and thermal breaks. Slim frames are adaptable to a wide range of settings. The slim profiles also have a more modern look which complements the aesthetic features of your home. The slim nature of the frames does not in any way jeopardise the strength or security features of the windows. Aluminium windows are very secure. You can enhance the security of these windows by using a multipoint locking system.

Aluminium-framed windows can be installed in new homes as well as existing homes that are undergoing renovation. Homeowners should feel confident that they are getting value for money when they choose to go the aluminium way.


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