Baker scaffold, also known as multi-purpose, all-purpose, or utility scaffold,  has become popular for use on interior projects, such as painting, drywall, plastering, or any job that requires frequent movement. 

Part of its appeal is that it is easy to construct, lightweight, moveable, and designed for use in narrow spaces.  Because Baker scaffold is usually under three feet wide and utilizes heavy duty castors, it can be easily moved from room to room without having to deconstruct the whole unit.  The wheels also mean less likelihood of causing damage to flooring. You can find Baker scaffold in use in malls, churches, government buildings, institutions, industrial plants, office buildings, and more.  

And Baker scaffold  does not use traditional crossbeam supports, so it is ideal for placing over furniture or existing structures.  Furthermore, its easily adjustable frames allow for moving the work platform in two inch increments and can be used to work on uneven surfaces such as stairs.

An added benefit is that when it is not in use, Baker scaffolding can be used as a storage space to keep buckets, tools, cords, and such out of the way.  It can even be used as a workspace.

You may have heard rumors of the dangers of working with unstable scaffolds, but the Baker scaffold offers the security of 1.5 inch steel square tubing for the legs, and our decks are supported by four steel angle iron brackets rather than the usual two.  In addition, we replace the traditional pin-style or trigger style locking mechanisms with a double-pin u-shaped handle.  And because our units are designed to be stacked up to 18 feet, we offer outrigger supports to prevent tipping and a guard rail assembly with gates for work in the high spaces.

Not only is Baker scaffold safe to use, it isn’t just for construction related work.  Baker scaffold can be used in barns (with paved floors), buildings where projects are done, and in warehouses to allow access to higher areas for increased storage.  It can also be used on stages to create temporary light towers or for easy to move scenery.  You can even use scaffolding for temporary art exhibitions as a place to hang pieces.  Easy up, easy down, and you are out of the space before the clock says time to go.

Whatever your project, know that with the Baker scaffold you’ve found a product that is easy to work with, is light and stable, and provides you the safety you need as you work on those hard to reach places.

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