Apartment Interior Complementing The Luxury In Its Self | Kayz Studio

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Apartment Interior Complementing The Luxury In Its Self | Kayz Studio

Postcard worthy sunsets through the window. A tinge of green with warm wooden flooring which connects to the deck not only expands the sense of area but leverages the seascape. That’s languidly apartment in Mumbai prime suburbs which is a luxury in itself. Everyone lives a hectic life in this buzzing city and this place is tranquil after a long day of work. The apartment is on the 13th floor with the stunning sunset views, to have a perfect mug of coffee with enjoying Mumbai’s rainy season is simply amazing.

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The apartment’s efficient size allows creating an open living area The living room space features a muted palette as there is wooden flooring, the upholstery is taken is subtle only the single seater‘s upholstery is a printed fabric to have a complex approach to the design. Black tinted glasses have been given on the television unit to give a clean finish look of the wall. Hidden accent light has been given on both sides of the wall to enliven the space.

As we go towards the dining area there is a small bar to serve the guest. The legs of the dining chair are in brass with sawed finish fabric which is complementing the space in its self. The light fixture above the dining table makes it magical. The charming carpet laid under the dining table is an inherited piece that is a perfect showcase of craftsmanship. On the wall behind the dining there mirrors have been installed to have a play of reflection of light in the area.

The bright colors are injected in the space by placing green potters in the living and dining area and paintings on the wall. The alluring paintings have been placed on the wall behind the bar unit to enlighten the space.

The living room permeates effortlessly to the deck. The deck and living room flooring has been given at the same level to have a luxurious, spacious feel. On the deck, we have given deck flooring which helps in seeping water during the monsoon which goes directly to the drainage system. So the family enjoys the weather stress-free. There we have introduced a vertical garden to make the space calmer and soothing with indirect light falling on it and breakfast cum bar table to spend some time with a soothing view. To add color to space we have used colorful cushion on the white couch.

Facts File:

Firm– Kayz Studio

Location– Bandra Mumbai

Principal Designers– Khushnuma Patel, Kartik Patel

Photographer- Sarang mhaskar

Content writer- Toshi Jain

About Firm:

KAYZ Studio is a multi-faceted design practice, based out of Mumbai, spearheaded by Khushnuma Patel- principal Interior Designer, with the assistance of Ar. Kartik Patel. We believe in delivering the utmost variant possible to meets with the clients’ demands- however challenging. Our forte is to transform a space and tailor it to fit the client’s needs seamlessly. We strongly believe in experimenting with materials to accentuate unique designed elements as well as explore the poetics of spaces within the parameters set forth by clients.

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