An orchestra of intricate design, patterns and décor styles | AN Design

In the residential clasp of Hyderabad, Edha Home has an intricate design to its name paired with subtle luxury.

Designing this 3,400 sq. ft. space was a meditation to our soul. Where muted tones speak louder than expected colour palettes and where freedom of space wins over clutter. The combination of Brass, a polish effect of Brown Rose Wood and the selection of luxe fabrics balances the essence of this Living Room. It’s a mix of vintage and urban imagery– Beautiful shades with use of stone and other natural materials blend easily into this abode’s modern and rich patterns. Let’s walk through and unfold the intricate design.

Editor’s Note: This home in Hyderabad interprets modernity with a touch of antiquity. The home is adorned with subtle elements of luxury in its pastel colour palette. The mild tones and floral prints used in the fabric further add to the vintage flair, with a surprising element of red pop of colour. The jhula in the living room takes one back to their Indian roots. – Gopika Pramod

An orchestra of intricate design, patterns and décor styles | AN Design 

There is a cultural shift when it comes to this corner of the living room. Vintage and floral prints have made a huge comeback and for the connoisseurs, such artefacts and furniture are a must in their den. Don’t forget to check that abstract wall frame! With timeless furniture and accentuated pallette, it creates regalia in a modern manner. 

Dappled in the hues of warmth and enveloped in the views of the cityscape, EDHA HOME is a dream. The living area encompasses an organised and clean ceiling that compliments the wall. The well blended lights bring this compact area to life with its striking colour combinations.

Our team understood the rhythm and the qualities of this upscale locale in a rare way and has tried to incorporate luxury, craftsmanship and classic style in her designs.

Fur + moulded patterns make the bench more cosy and one-of-a-kind. And that carved side tables from the brown rose wood and onex stone, is a melange of art and craft.

In the quest for timeless design, we have built this space in Hyderabad that thrives in the company of natural light and delicate hues.

The Rattan nesting table with a fur bench and a couch on the sides is a great example of a well-orchested symphony of Indian design. Indeed high on aesthetic value!

Up high on the 34th floor, this expansive apartment is home to a family of six people. Keeping it simple the base tone has been kept grey allowing the chosen Australian Marble  slabs to standout with the Grey Williams strips and brass border. It unifies the entire home as one entity while creating a walkway to the larger area of the Formal Living Space. 

The natural lime plaster on the walls compliments the hues of the artisanal Green Console. Strategically placed at the entrance with Nandi cow resting on the sage, it represents prosperity, success and royal power. Come, let’s step inside this cerebral pleasure.

A room which can be used for watching a movie on the big screen or storing huge home accessories or hosting some guests or having a party–this area is designed to create multifunctionality in our EDHA home. 

Huge wardrobes with a depth of 3ft are created to keep clients extra home accessories. Secondly, a big-sized pullout bed is provided to sit back, relax and watch a movie in the projector. This room can be easily converted into the guests room whenever required. In addition, one concealed table is provided for hosting a party. Being more inclined towards bikes, our client wanted to have a wardrobe dedicated specially to the biking accessories–a glass wardrobe has it all.

Subtle and clam are synonyms to this room. Don’t forget to shut down the door at night to watch movies with family– the concealed shutter  divides the Informal Space and the Projector Room. 

This sacred area is a symbol of purity– Mandir. It is an important space as it becomes an integral part of the Informal area of the EDHA HOME. The Mandir was designed with keeping in all the sentiments of the clients requirements. The holy cow and lotus brings prosperity and strength. To make it more aesthetic and natural, we created the paintings of the divine gods from Rogan Designs. The door has Indian alterations and can be moved 360 degrees to make the area more spacious with poufs and storage concealed within the space. Be it here or roam around in the house, it all echoes PEACE.

The kitchen is arguably the most popular spot to gather with friends and family. And these days rustic cooking spaces brimming with country charm are irresistible.

Don’t you think the slate blue kitchen gives country side feel here? The FCML black and white chequered tile goes well with design which breaks the pattern of the space. Moreover, a line of veenzo veneer used in niches and shelves gives a woody effect in the kitchen.  Also, being a highly wet zone, we used white quartz on walls so that is easy to maintain. This is how we added timeless country style to our kitchen.

Mixing bold proportions and clean, straight silhouette in a style that is both timeless and vintage; we bring to you, the coziest space of the home–the master bedroom. An important room in the home where you start and end each day, our client wanted their bedroom to be a restful sanctuary of calm and comfort, as well as a joyful showcase of their style. 

To begin with, we embraced a calming and cocooning colour palette that consists of iced teal shade. A poster bed with wicker material is the main attraction. All the wadrobes and other pieces sit neatly in this space. B

edroom wallpaper ideas are a popular choice for many; enriching a space with beautiful color, pattern and eye-catching visual interest. Here, the Good Earth wallpaper acts as an accent to the room as well as chaise chair with upholstery from Good Earth compliments the whole room. Overall this is one of our favourite rooms because all details were taken care of and executed on site. 

Our clients are blessed to have a family filled with love and joy. This joy had no bounds when we designed their parents’ bedroom. It is really special. The colour mood board was suggested considering their age and thoughts. 

The hues of blush Rose Petals from Asian Colours merge well with all Victorian, French style furniture. Thus keeps it a part of the period home. Moreover, the moulded panels finished with lime plaster walls, the bed, console, the side table, all were made-to-order from Nivasa Homes.

Did you see our rock star in the corner of the room? The rocking chair– let them pause for a moment and  relax near the window overlooking the city skyline. When we think about functionality for elders of our home, we want to serve them with every possible thing. For example: The wardrobes had upper drawers, making it easy for the parents to align their needs. 

Besides, when it comes to bed linen, we chose  Alpito– we love their upholstery work. And how can we forget a special request coming in from Aunty–The Carvaan. She enjoys humming to the old songs. A perfect mood, a perfect set up, a perfect evening, all set for the perfect couple.

This space was developed keeping in mind the two kids of our clients–nine-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. Their requests of having their own space was fulfilled by us. We created a play bed (bunk bed) for the younger one and a double occupancy bed for both. In addition, the study table was designed for the two as well. The school bags and their daily pick aways could rest in the side entry unit of their room. Moreover, the walking closet too has his and hers specifications. A concealed pouff with mirrored wardrobes for her and The elder in too got his own space to get ready.

It’s vintage inspired. It’s kinda grown up. It makes us want to be a kid again. Our team went back and forth between timeless and functional and here’s what we incorporated in our designs.

We chose a colour palette that is kid enough without being too “baby.” and thus, pastel shades were considered by the kids itself. It is timeless enough that they won’t have to redo it in near future — sure, changing the textiles, having fun with the accessories, but the general design and the furniture would remain timeless

We call Balcony an unsung hero of the home. It’s a fresh and lively space where you can gently wake up with a cup of tea and allow your mind to drift as you wind down at the end of a tiring day. 

The cane outdoor furniture, the custom-made vintage flooring tiles, and potted plants together lend an unwinding atmosphere to the balcony in this Hyderabad home. Adding a basin counter to this space makes the area more functional. 

Moreover, the pastel shades, the lime plaster and the shape of the furniture brings in continuity between the indoors and outdoors. We added our favourite Bougainville for that tint of shocking pink completing the timeless vibe of the balcony.


Firm’s Name: AN Design 

Project Type: Residential Interior

Project Name: EDHA HOME

Location: My Home Bhooja , Hyderabad. 

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 8 months

Project Size (in sq. ft.):  3400 sq.ft.

Principal Designer’s: Nikita Mehta

Photograph Courtesy: Ricken Desai

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Asian paints PU Finish / Lighting – The White Teak / Furniture – Nivasa / Flooring – luxurito surfaces , fcml surfaces , the stone casa / Paint – supersurfacesofficial / Artefacts – OMA Living , IKEA , VENUS FURNISHING , H&M Homes , Fab Indai , Claymen, Rogan Designs / Wallpaper – goodearth india

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