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    An Office Design Enhancing Fun Working Culture | Kovet Design & Co.

    The brief of the project – White Rivers media our client is a digital marketing company who moved into a 15,000 sqft office space and wanted us to come on board for their office design keeping in mind their fun working culture. They wanted the space to be young, vibrant, welcoming to people, making everyone feel comfortable at the same time functional for maximum work efficiency.

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    The design intent – Our design intent was to make the space look unconventional and create multiple seating options for the team to brainstorm and work on. Like the project name ‘Prism’ suggests, we started with a white background which deviated into multiple colors.

    The site – The site was a bare 15,000 sqft space with a mezzanine and a terrace which we transformed into different zones as per the clients’ requirement. We had a blank canvas to paint our ideas on.

    The spatial configuration/flow: This 15,000 sqft office comprises a 300-seater office which includes multiple open spaces for ideas to flow freely, and striking think pods for thoughts to cultivate. Each pod has gadgets protruding from the walls which tell us the journey of communication mediums till current times. The 43’ long elevated turf grass seating acts as the focal point of the floor plan bringing the outdoors indoors. The larger-than-life trophy wall draws everyone’s attention which highlights their achievements.

    The red floating staircase leads you to a mezzanine where one can work diligently. With these designs and scale of the project, it has made White Rivers Media one of the few independent advertising agencies in India to have an office floor plate of this scale and an in-house chroma studio that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for shooting video films & commercials. A garden seating area under the open sky and a fully-loaded sports room for the employees offer a relaxed, refreshing setting for a zero-stress working environment. The headquarters is designed in a manner where the employees feel comfortable & the convenience of their home with the ergonomics of a modern workplace. It has lots of dedicated open spaces, each one an experience on its own.

    The material palette – The material used for this office space is mainly glass to give the space a sense of openness. Other materials used were decals on the glass partitions, color PU, color lamination, laminates, and extensive play of paint to create visual patterns.

    The challenges – The biggest challenge on this project was to conceptualize, design, and execute the project of this scale in a span of 45 days.

    The highlights – The 43’ long turf grass structure right in the middle of the office which acts as a partition without being a hindrance visually was the highlight of the space. It was a focal point created for the team to have discussions on or just take a break and relax on the grass under the cloud-like lights making a garden-like vibe.

    The other highlight of the project is the monochromatic thinking pods. Each pod has a designated color to bring out different emotions while using the space.

    Fact File:

    Designed by: Kovet Design & Co.

    Project: Prism

    Project Type: Office Interiors

    Year of Completion: 2021

    Area: 15,000 sq.ft.

    Location: Mumbai

    Client: White Rivers Media

    Designers: Nikita Dhoble & Meghna Kakar

    Photography: Pulkit Sehgal


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