An Exclusive Interview of Avlock India with The Architect’s Diary

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[ Avlock India / Hillaldam, Mumbai ]

At the architect’s diary, we take pride along with an opportunity to bring forward the leading and worthy brands for our viewers. With this initiative, we bridge the companies and the consumers and help relax the tedious hunt for the right and user-friendly brands. Avlock International India Pvt. Ltd. is a sole authorized Distributor in India for Hillaldam Coburn Systems (Pty) Ltd., leader in Sliding, Folding & Stacking Window/Door Systems, Brackets, Channels & other Architectural Hardware. They are an Indo-South African joint venture company having ISO 9001 – 2015 Certification for Manufacturing & Supply of Rivets and Installation Tools. Their Architectural range of products has also built up an enviable reputation for bespoke manufacturers on specialised projects and is recognized in the marketplace for providing modern yet functional solutions for any customer requirement.

Today, in this exclusive interview, we have our speakers- Mr. Nishant Bagwe, the Country Manager and Mr. Sameer Bulchandani, the Director for Avlock India in conversation with Ar. Megha Hirani from The Architect’s Diary. Read along to dive deep into the know-hows of the brand…

1. Avlock is an established and well-known group across the globe. It has spread its wings across Africa, Asia, Australia and New zealand. Kindly brief us about Avlock India and its market stand in South Africa.

Avlock India is world’s leading manufacturer & distributor in specialized fasteners and installation equipment. We are an Indo-South African joint venture company having ISO 9001:2015 Certification for manufacturing and distribution of Industrial Fasteners and Installation Tools. We are also a RDSO approved supplier for Railways and IATF 16949 approved sealing solution provider for Automotive Industry.

We are the market leader in South Africa and have been responsible for the innovation and development of many new products and systems which are now marketed widely throughout South Africa, and the rest of the World. 

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2. What are the key product ranges that the company specializes in? Also, throw some light on your varied product ranges that the company offers. 

Avlock India is an authorized distributor for Hillaldam Coburn Systems (Pty) Ltd., leader in Sliding, Folding & Stacking Window/Door Systems, Fittings, Tracks, Brackets, Channels, special tracks Systems & other Architectural Hardware. Our full range of Hardware can be used on Steel, Timber, Aluminium and Glass doors and windows.

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3. What makes Avlock India’s products so special and one of its kind? What are the unique features that the products offer?

We pride ourselves in the Quality and Innovation of both product and service. We have a sliding / folding/ stacking door system for all the construction door material, for both top hung and bottom rolled sliding door system. We have a hardware range starting from light weight doors to heavy weight doors.


4. The global reach of the company is definitely advantageous to the customer in a lot of ways. How is it advantageous to the Indian customers?

The global reach of the company is truly advantageous as the customer can get world class products hassle free here in India through us. We take care of the supply, Installation and after sales services. Warranty on the products are extended to the customer through us.

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5. How can the Indian customers get hold of Avlock India’s products for purchasing and other services?

We have offices in major cities of India. Our head office is in Mumbai, which is the centre for all the sales,supply & Marketing activity. Customers can reach us through the boardline number: +91 22 2587 2300, 

Emails: [email protected] , and 

Social media profiles:  Facebook Linkedin Instagram Pinterest 

6. Avlock India also offers commendable customizations. What is the customization process and how does the team coordinate with the consumers in such cases?

Our company’s strength lies in our ability to develop new products and systems of excellent quality in reasonable time frames at very competitive prices. Having our own manufacturing base allows us the control we require to carry out such innovation and production effectively, efficiently, and to the desired quality standard. This ability, along with Hillaldam’s continued focus on producing quality components and systems has allowed us to form strategic partnerships with a number of clients internationally who recognize the benefit of such an association.

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7. The product stackaway 150 & Vistastack has reached great heights and has overcome a lot of challenges. Please elaborate upon the product and its features.

Yes, our products stackaway 150 and Vistastack have gained a lot of popularity because of their commendable features.

Stackaway 150 Features

  • No floor channel required
  • Unique systems that allows maximum space creation
  • Flexible layout designs
  • Ideal for patio enclosure/ shutters & screens

Vistastack Features

  • Bottom rolled frameless stacking door system
  • Slim aluminium top and bottom profiles
  • Operation of angled applications smooth and friendly
  • Ideal for Patios and shop fronts.

8. Kindly throw some light on your recent product line and what makes it so special?

We have introduced a new line of products in the Architectural Hardware division – Mungo. Mungo is a world’ s leading supplier for heavy- duty construction fasteners. Over more than 50 years Mungo has gained experience, technical know-how and profound market knowledge. With these competences we are in a position to develop innovative and technically fully matured solutions. Creativity and innovation of our employees secure our market position in the future.

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9. Lastly, we would like to know your future expansion plans for the country.

About the expansion plans, we are planning to expand Hillaldam showroom in Alibhag & other parts of India. 

Avlock India is well known in the country for its innovative, functional and modern products. Moreover, the brand’s core values lie in respect, sustainability, ethics, teamwork and integrity. A brand truly worth its products and workings! And, this exclusive coverage has helped us with more insights on the brand. For further details, kindly visit their website Avlock International India Pvt. Ltd. 





Q. Ar. Megha Hirani (Content Contributor, The Architect’s Diary)

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