An Ensemble That Attracts Defines, Configures, Transitions And Comforts : Pelican Marble Showroom Design | Genre of Design

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An Ensemble That Attracts Defines, Configures, Transitions And Comforts : Pelican Marble Showroom Design | Genre of Design

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Genre of Design Architects captured the selecting experience just right, in their Pelican marble showroom design. An ensemble that attracts defines, configures, transitions and comforts, making it a wholesome place to stop, shop and secure!

The client, Pelican manufactures Quartzite, a manmade stone often used for counter tops, cladding and flooring. Satvario like stone are one of their most popular products. Hence, with this project we had a huge responsibility to design a high-end show office that complements the scale of their business, which spreads not just in India, but is a significant exporter to USA as well.

Their factory was already up and running when Mr. Devendra Salecha approached us for designing the showroom. On pondering, the vacant corner in the existing factory seemed like the perfect site, a juxtaposition of the raw and the finished product spaces. With the factory backdrop, brief and the quirky material, it became a very enticing and interesting project for us!

As the design process started, the concept and the approach were right in front of us, waiting to be used to its full potential. The natural neutral toned stones needed a parallelly raw, subtle textures and colors, for it to be focus. So, we decided to respect the product, and dress its space with natural, raw textured materials, that would showcase and highlight the products well, and also be the right fit for the factory backdrop and the transition into the show office.

With the material shortlist in mind, we proceeded with the showroom design. There is a lot more to a showroom design than display. It should offer a hassle-free shopping and selecting experience. The space, however big or small, had to be thoughtful and considerate of both the processes; I.e., Informed retail selling and the confusing, explorative selecting and shopping experience.

The collection and variety in the showroom are indeed important, but the display, calming ambience, soothing colors, right kind of lighting and ease of exploration is what gets the customers in, and casts the first impression.

With Quartzite, the challenge was to complement its exquisite aesthetic qualities, and create a space that highlights it, boasts it, paves the way around organically, but does not overshadow it. This showroom does just that!

While the central prop sets the circulation and focus, the exposed concrete ceiling and white exposed brick texture on the walls, set the mood and the right subtle canvas for showcasing the product. With this, optimized lighting design and careful placing of the marbles on the walls, puts the focus on the products, and lets the customers experience them first hand.

Extending into the same space, with a glass partition in between is a conference room, so that the retailers can educate the designers and customers, of their product. The visual connect between the two spaces makes it easy and also opens up the space, creating a tactile environment.

The subtle, neutralized and elegant aesthetic of marble remains untouched by un-crowding the textures and the central focus piece draw the customers in.

It is a wholesome design, which invites customers, frames circulation, and provides a space to sit, glance, think and explore in a subtle chic space, just like one would want in a showroom full of lustrous elegant stones The design makes sure, that it is not just a gallery, but a space that hopefully inspires and makes the customers feel stimulated and encouraged.


Designed by :  Genre of Design

Project Type :  Commercial Building

Project Name :  Pelican

Location : Jodhpur

Google Location of the project : Pelican Quartz Stone

Year Built :  2019

Project Size: sq feet : 2000

Project Cost Appx : 80,00,000

Principal Architect : Rakesh Sharma

Photograph Courtesy : Sanjay Sakaria

Consultants for the Project : 

Genre of Design (Architecture, Interior, Landscape and MEP) | Drishti Engineer co.(Structural)

Colour Palate :

Principal Architect :

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