7 Convincing Reasons To Invest In A Solar-Powered Generator

Solar-powered generators are the modern sources of electricity today. With the recent advancements in solar technologies, solar-powered generators have improved in many ways. In many cases, they use solar or photovoltaic panels and reliable battery storage. However, other generators have slightly different configurations and forms. Yet, their capabilities still depend on the capacity of the solar panels. 

Because of their vast array of benefits, many residential and commercial properties have started to buy solar-powered generators. If you’re starting a business or building a new house, you may want to buy your solar generator. But, if you’re still not convinced of its benefits, here’s an article for you. Keep reading to know why investing in a solar-powered generator could help you in so many ways. Read on! 

1. It Has A Free Power Source 

The sun has been a solid source of power since humanity has used its light and heat. This principle has revolutionized solar technology and turned it into what it is today. And, since the sun is free for all, the only things to spend for are the things used to convert the sun’s energy into a usable one. This is where a solar powered generator could help.  

Because it’s free, using the electricity could be nonstop. Property owners could turn their appliances on for long hours, not thinking about increasing energy bills. Hence, solar generator users could extend their time of use.  

2. It’s Environment-Friendly 

Because solar power is clean energy, a solar-powered generator is an eco-friendly option to source out electricity. It doesn’t emit harmful fumes. Its maintenance may not require oils and other non-renewable resources to make it run properly. Because of these, it could help in reducing the greenhouse gas production that harms the environment.  

3. It Enables Off-The-Grid Living 

If you’re planning to have an off-the-grid living, you better seek the best portable generator or a solar-powered type. These machines could support a homestead or an off-the-grid house’s electrical needs. With these generators, you could use several appliances if you want to. 

Before you install your off-the-grid solar generator, you may need to prepare a space where you could put the battery storage. In addition, you may need to install panels on roofs and walls that could directly receive a vast amount of sunlight. The more panels you could install, the better the power source. 

4. It Offers Continuous Energy Source 

Compared to coal-powered plants and fuel-generated power sources, a solar generator provides an uninterrupted power supply. However, you may need to install high-quality solar cells that won’t get damaged easily. This way, the reception of the power source from the sound and its conversion to usable electricity will continue despite inclement weather and other similar troubles.  

You may also need to keep the generators, panels, and battery storage in good working condition to optimize them. Apart from these, you may need to clean and maintain them regularly to avoid moisture buildup and other issues that may affect their performance. 

5. It’s Easy To Install And Maintain 

Installing a solar-power generator may only require basic tools and a little effort. The solar panels are typically installed on roofs. The inverter and charger are kept in a moisture-free environment while the battery is kept in a cool, dry place. In addition, if you’d move into a new place, you could easily remove the panels and bring them with the other parts to your new location, hassle-free. 

Furthermore, solar-powered generators need little maintenance. You may just need to keep the battery storage and inverter clean and non-grounded at all times. Keeping them in spaces that are free from moisture and other elements is a good start to maintaining them properly. Lastly, you should clean the panels periodically. 

Here are some of the most effective maintenance tips to keep your solar-powered generator in tiptop condition: 

  • To ensure the battery’s longevity, you may need to store it at 50% of its full capacity. This avoids storage leaks, wherein the battery is worn and used up too much, leading to serious damage. 
  • If you have spare batteries, you may charge them every three to six months to sustain their charging function and capacity. 
  • Don’t consume all of the battery’s charge. You may follow the rule of thumb of 95% of battery usage before you recharge it. 
  • Use only the recommended and certified charging accessories and inverter. 
  • If you’d replace your generator battery, choose the exact model and type. Using non-compatible types may damage the inverter and other attachments. 

6. It’d Cost Less In The Long Run 

A solar-powered generator may be less affordable at first compared to grid installation. However, with the spikes in electrical costs nowadays, investing in this type of generator may help you save more after using them for a long time. Yet, to achieve this, you’ll need to install the model and type that could provide high-quality electricity and would only require little maintenance costs. 

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7. It Doesn’t Produce Noise 

Since solar-powered generators have no moving parts that traditional generators have, they don’t produce noise. This feature makes them ideal for properties, such as care facilities and hospitals that generally require a quiet environment. 

Additional Or Permanent Power Source? 

Since you may consider solar-powered generators as reliable power source alternatives, you may be thinking about whether to install one as a permanent replacement or as a backup power source. In deciding on this situation, you may, first, need to assess your electrical needs. If you think the generator could supply what your property requires, you could replace your grid connection. 

On the other hand, if it may undersupply your property, you may just install a generator to supplement your power source. You may also try to start with a small solar-powered generator just to get yourself into the groove. When you become used to it, you may now decide whether to take it as an extra or as a full replacement option. 

Final Thoughts 

Investing in a solar-powered generator may be for temporary, additional, or permanent use. In choosing any of these generators, you may start identifying a typical solar generator’s qualities. Then, you may begin checking the models available in the market.  

Before paying for one, you may read reviews and customer feedback. In addition, you could go back to the insights you’ve got from this article and see if the reasons are enough for you to buy and install one. 

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