An Apartment Design Of Clean Crisp Lines Put Together To Form A Cohesive Space | The Design Corner

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An Apartment Design Of Clean Crisp Lines Put Together To Form A Cohesive Space | The Design Corner


This apartment is in midtown Mumbai was originally a 3BHK layout of approximately 1300 sq. ft. Our client is a middle-aged industrialist couple and came from large spatial experiences in their minds. They were keen on converting their 3BHK into a 2BHK to enjoy large spacious rooms, clean crisp lines, earthy, easy to maintain. They were quite happy when we presented the idea of demolishing a wall between the existing kitchens and living and making it a large centrally located space where the family could bond. We converted one of the bedrooms into a larger kitchen, complete, with a breakfast table and the original kitchen was demolished to expand the living space into separate seating and dining areas. It added huge value in terms of spatial quality, visual connections, and bigger rooms which were the priority for them.

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Mood Board: They are very simple in nature and that is why we decided to predominantly use a light grey terrazzo floor. It made the space visually effortless, lighter, and bigger. Dark walnut wood against the light floor and some greens pots are primary elements.

Living Room

The living room is a centrally located space where the family spends most of their time. It is visually divided into two volumes of dark walnut wood and white walls but the floor flows through the space giving it a lighter feel. walnut wooden ceiling, in-built storages, flushed doors against the grey terrazzo adds warmth to the family room. We categorically handpicked the cool blue sofa and armchairs with beautiful nature prints against the muted background. The nature prints with small veins, dark blue sofa, potted palm, walnut wood, and soft background strike the beautiful balance together. The living room exudes calmness and sophistication as soon as one enters the home. Colorful painting on the wall accommodates the family’s memories and creates a picturesque landscape canvas created by Ar. Radhika Utpat.


The kitchen became really voluminous once we demolished the wall and converted one of the bedrooms into a bigger kitchen. We opted for a very simple palette here as well. Kitchen counter in light grey Corian stone similar to the terrazzo flooring and pastel mint green dado and solid blue, white storage shutters to break the monotony. Rattan Jali baskets add harmony and are well connected to the whole spatial experience. Clients really loved the sophistication and the spaciousness, perfectly matching their taste.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is sleeker and contemporary. While achieving the contemporary part of it, we made sure that it blended beautifully with the whole space. We continued the terrazzo floor to this bedroom and incorporated a large dressing area with copper sleek shelves and added vibrant prints on the headboard with the beautiful handmade sketches from Vithal Temple at Hampi on the bed back done by Ar. Radhika Utpat.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom is tucked into a corner and is spacious than the original one by demolishing the extra bathroom and converting it into a study area. Master Bedroom is where they spend time reading a book, seating in the cozy lounge chair, watching TV, and listening to music. Hence the palette used consists of wooden flooring, cane work that flows from the headboard to the wardrobe shutters against the wooden floor forming an earthy and contemporary-vintage looking space. Bed back with a wall molding framed laminate to give a touch of a vintage feel.

We at The Design Corner believe that “A home is a collage of spaces and elements put together to form a cohesive space, tailor-made for the people using it. Every home tells a story and imbibes the personality of the user. We as designers should take the pieces and create spaces where the user can connect to his experiences & memories.“


Design Firm: The Design Corner

Project Name: Earthy Abode

Project Type: Residential Apartment

Completion Year: 2021

Area: 1300 sq. ft.

Project Cost approx: 60 lakhs

Principal Architect: Ar. Shruti Dandekar

Project Location: Dadar, Mumbai

Photography: Studio Kunal Bhatia




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