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Alluring, Warm And Cozy Interiors | Design Quest

We acquired a minimalistic approach to design the space by keeping simple material and colour palette, each element was designed with care, starting from the layout that is functional and aesthetical. Simple materials and easy on eyes colour palettes aptly define the home. Everything here belongs and has a character that supports the design.

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A black laminated panel placed intricately between the dining area and Hall was designed to just act as a visual barrier rather than dividing the space. Curtains, Bed, and Sofa upholstery are much coordinated which adds to the beauty of the space. We used Subdued Shades like Light Grey on walls and base white on ceilings for the entire floors, Master Bedrooms on all floors were dressed up with Wallpapers on all walls.

The Dining Washbasin was entirely designed in Back painted Coloured Glass to Break the Monotony of the Wall Colour and the Flatness of wooden Veneers. The wisely chosen art pieces brighten up space and bring more liveliness in the ambience.

The lightings for the entire space were kept white with warm diffuse lights and Profile lighting in the ceiling. The curtains here have an interesting pattern in crush fabric escalating the peaceful and cozy feel of the entire space. Also, the earthen vase in every room and hall stuffs up space even more.

The beddings are kept plain white with bright textured colourful pillows and bed runners maintaining the vigor. Indoor plants in every space bring freshness with added charm.  With a design approach that breaks conventions yet is balanced and fit for the context, this home looks splendid and adorably real.

Design Quest Corporation comes backed with years of expertise in providing designs to various projects spread over the realm of architecture and interior design. Corporate offices, multi-specialty hospitals, government offices, franchise showrooms, residential projects, you name it and they have done it.


Firm: Design Quest

Client: Mr Nofal kadar.

Project type: Residential

Area: 3000 sq.ft

Location: Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Year of completion:2020

Principal Architect: Syed Azmat

Firm details

Design Quest Corporation is a design consultancy firm providing designs for various Architectural and Interior designing projects like corporate offices, Multi-speciality Hospitals, Dentistry, showrooms, Government offices, Government Rest houses, Institutions, Franchise Showrooms, and Residential projects. We as designers have expanded our design horizons in every project completed till now.

We treat each project individually and instead of following any set language, we adopt an approach that is most appropriate to a project in terms of need, context, and requirements. Rather than following current trends or pursuing gimmicky approaches, we believe in designing long-term spaces wherein the designs are well balanced, contextual, and appropriate. We also make a conscious effort to minimize the impact on the environment and use as many sustainable materials and technology as possible. Client satisfaction inspires us, as they surrender their homes and spaces to us, and we leave no stone unturned to design it as per their need.




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