• All That You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Pool

    According to a pool resurfacing company in Dallas, pools not only increase a home’s value but also leave a strong impact on visitors. However, they need to be kept well-maintained in order to achieve all the benefits they have to offer.

    A poorly maintained pool looks untidy and can even ruin the look of the house. This is why it is important to pay attention to maintenance.

    The best option is to have a timetable. To make it easier for them, we have divided this article into three parts: weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning chores.

    Let’s dig deep:

    Weekly Pool Cleaning Chores

    There are a number of tasks that need to be done on a weekly basis. It will keep the pool cleaned throughout the week.

    Clean Out Debris: Take a leaf skimmer to remove leaves, insects, and other debris floating on the surface.

    It is wise to take them out while they’re afloat as it can gets harden to fish them out when they drift to the bottom.

    Remove Stains and Algae: Take a large brush and start brushing the pool floor and walls to get rid of stains. It makes the pool look clean and reduce the risk of algae.

    Once done, switch to the pool deck. You can use a garden hose or a leaf blower to keep it clean.

    Keep Tabs On Components: Now, check out all the water filters to ensure proper circulation.

    Keep an eye out on the various components including the pool’s skimmer, pump, and drains. Make sure they are in good shape. If they are not, they might need a replacement.

    Watch ph Levels: One of the most important things is to keep the ph levels balanced. You can use pool chemicals like algaecide or enzymes to improve infiltration and stop metal staining from taking place.

    Monthly Pool Cleaning Chores

    Monthly precautions involve keeping pool water balanced, preventing stains, and reducing the risk of algae.

    Shock Treatment: Raise the chlorine level up to 10 ppm to kill harmful microorganisms.

    Calcium Hardness Levels: Next step involves checking the pool calcium hardness levels.

    The right level depends on the material used to construct the pool. It usually falls between 200 to 400 ppm. However, if your pool is constructed with vinyl or fiberglass, then it could be as low as 150 ppm.

    Saturation: Perform a monthly saturation index test to safeguard the surface and walls of the pool. This is very important during hot weather conditions.

    Yearly Pool Cleaning Chores

    Physical Components: Check all components such as diving boards and slides to ensure they are safe and working. Pay special attention to the bolts to ensure they’re tightened and in place. Also, clean all components and use

    anti-air pollutant chemicals for safety.

    DE Filters: Use a cleanser to clean DE filters to ensure they continue to work well.

    The Bottomline

    Follow these tips and you will be able to add years to the life of your pool. The secret lies in being careful and performing regular maintenance.

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