Air purifiers have now become a part of healthy living

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As people have become more health-conscious, they have also become more concerned about the air quality they breathe. While it is not feasible to breathe pure air, it should be clean and free from the harmful pollutants that can make us sick. Maintaining proper air quality at home is necessary today as the environmental air keeps degrading due to the heavy load of pollutants. More and more homeowners are going for Air Purifier Rental to install the equipment at home for ensuring clean indoor air that underlines healthy living. Although our immune system can tolerate polluted air to some extent, it isn’t easy to ascertain how good the air quality is at home, which makes it imperative to install air purifiers without taking any chances.  

Air purifiers ensure a cost-effective and efficient way of cleansing the indoor air suitable for healthy living.  The equipment can remove harmful bacteria, allergens, contaminants, foul smell, and viruses from the air.

The working modality of air purifiers

Air purifiers use air filters to rid the air of the harmful elements that traps within the filters while emitting clean air. Breathing clean air reduces health risks, especially for people suffering from respiratory problems and asthma who face serious issues when inhaling polluted air.


The following types of filters are used in air purifiers.

Pre-filters – Among the three sets of filters used in air purifiers, pre-filters are the first ones through which the air passes. The pre-filters arrest the larger particles before the air reaches the inner filters of the purifier. The holes of pre-filters are larger than one micron, and these non-clog filters last quite long. Pre-filters are the first line of defense against polluted air.

Carbon filters form the middle layer of air purifiers and consists of a filter made from activated carbon that absorbs chemicals and unpleasant odor floating in the air like cooking odors, foul smell, and paint fumes. Unlike the pre-filters that block unwanted particles, carbon filters act like absorbents and arrest the chemicals and odors while allowing the particles to pass through.

HEPA filters– The last filter set within the air purifier is the HEPA filters that purify the air that reaches it after passing through the pre-filters and carbon filters. High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor of HEPA filters are ultrafine filters that can arrest the finest airborne particles invisible to naked eyes. It can trap and remove particles as small as 0.3 microns along with tobacco smell and pet dander, dust, mold spores, and bacteria to provide clean air up to 99.97% purity.

Air purifiers protect you from common health problems

Allergies and asthma are the most common problems of poor air quality. Air purifiers can adequately resolve the issues by eliminating the harmful elements from air and making it suitable for healthy living. It can quickly reduce the threats by ensuring the right quality of indoor air.

Health problems from poor sir quality develop with time, and the sooner you install air purifiers at home better it is for your family.