• Air Duct Cleaning in Houston – What Happens If You Don’t Do It Regularly?

    Even though air ducts in your home are hidden from sight, they play a very important role by circulating the air from the HVAC system in every room so that you are assured of a uniform level of comfort inside your home regardless of what the outside conditions are. Over time, it is natural that there will be a buildup of dust and other contaminants inside the ducts, which unless cleaned periodically can compromise the health of your family as well as have other serious repercussions. Some of the main disadvantages of not having the air ducts cleaned professionally:

    Leads to Buildup of Unpleasant Odors

    The air inside the house can end up smelling unpleasant due to household cleaning agents, tobacco use, paint fumes, pets, damp clothes and shoes, and even cooking. Many of these smells tend to get locked into the HVAC system and keep on circulating long after the offending item has been identified and removed. By not undertaking a thorough cleaning of the air ducts, you will ensure that all the bad smells are retained and the air circulating inside your home will smell stale and unpleasant.

    Increases Allergens and Respiratory Irritants 

    Apart from the dust, the air ducts are also instrumental in carrying air contaminated with microorganisms and toxins that can harm your health. These typically include bacteria, mold spores, mildew, pet dander, etc. that cause people with allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma to fall ill. By not cleaning the air ducts regularly, your home will experience a buildup of these harmful substances that can adversely affect your family’s health. Click to visit Air Quality Express, a leading HVAC duct cleaning company to learn more about common allergens in duct air.

    Does Not Allow Easy Breathing 

    Even if no resident of your house suffers from respiratory problems or chronic allergies, the stale and dirty air circulating inside compromises the comfort and health of your home. By not cleaning the air ducts regularly, the environment inside the home becomes unhealthy and uncomfortable due to which, it is not possible to have a sense of wellbeing.

    A Home Environment That Is Visibly Dirtier

    When the HVAC ducts are not cleaned periodically, it increases the amount of dust circulating with the air being pumped into your living space. Because it is not removed, the same dust makes your furniture, floors, beds, curtains, and all other surfaces in your home dusty. According to, fine particulate matter less than 2.5 microns or PM 2.5 are proven to be detrimental to human health.

    Reduces HVAC System Efficiency

    When there is a heavy buildup of dust and debris inside the air ducts, it can restrict the flow of air making the air conditioner and the heating system work much harder to cool or heat your home. This decreased efficiency leads to not only the HVAC system getting worn out faster but also increased energy bills. By not cleaning the ducts, you prevent the HVAC system from delivering optimal performance and continue to spend more on power bills.


    Not cleaning the air ducts inside your home periodically has many drawbacks. In addition to a home that is dirty and stale, your family is likely to suffer from respiratory problems and you will also continue to waste your money on inflated energy bills and incur more repair costs.

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