• Affordable Ways to Give Your Living Room a Lavish Look of Expensive Taste

    How many times have you looked at magazines of beautiful homes and wished your home could look like that? Better yet, how many times have you watched HGTV remodeling shows and thought you could make those same renovations? This happens more often than you probably realize. But the truth of the matter is that you indeed can make those same types of changes to give your home that same exact look. This is especially possible with your living room.

    When people decide they want to give their home a new look, they typically start with their living room, simply because it’s the room that guests will gather in and see first, plus, it’s the easiest room to make small and affordable changes that look expensive! It’s not that you’re necessarily trying to live out of your means, but there’s nothing wrong with decorating your home to look like it’s worth a million bucks!

    The great news is that a lot of these changes are extremely affordable, and some are even free… they just require a bit of “elbow grease!” So get it out of your head that you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to make your living room look like that of the HGTV Dream Home… You can turn your home into your dream home by yourself! You just take it room by room. And the first room to start with is your living room.

    Take a look at the different changes you can make to your living room to give it a lavish look without the lavish price tag.

    Affordable Ways to Give Your Living Room a Lavish Look 

    Rearrange the Furniture

    One of the most affordable ways to give your room a lavish look is to rearrange your furniture! It’s the epitome of working with what you have. What people fail to realize is that it doesn’t take a full renovation or tearing down walls to give your living room an entirely new look.

    Small changes like rearranging your couch and coffee/end tables, repositioning your rug, and moving your entertainment center to a different area can completely enhance your living room’s overall look and functionality. This will, in turn, transform the mood and feel of the room.

    Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

    People have either forgotten the power a fresh coat of paint packs or they’re just too lazy to paint themselves, but whatever the case may be, a fresh coat of paint will enhance the look of your living room as soon as it’s applied.

    The cool thing about paint is that you’re in complete control of the color choice. You can opt to paint your living room the same color it currently is or you can do a full 360 and change the color in its entirety! A lot of people also tend to leave their walls the same color and paint one wall a bright color as an accent wall.

    Cover Your Sofa

    Sofas are big furniture purchases. When you first bought your sofa, it was love at first sight… You immediately knew you were going to buy it when you saw it. But over time, the couch started to lose its lackluster and accumulated stains that were a complete eyesore. 

    Your first thought is to figure out how to remove the water stains as well as the food stains without ruining the couch. Then, out of pure frustration, your next thought is to just get rid of the couch but the couch is still structurally in good condition, plus, you can’t afford a new couch at the moment.

    Then, out of nowhere, you remember this wonderful thing called sofa slipcovers! Problem solved! Some of the best sofa covers are just a click away! They hide unsightly stains, giving your sofa a fresh new look and are the perfect solution for couches of all sizes. 

    Don’t spend thousands on a new couch when your current one is still structurally solid… just buy a sofa cover to give it the lavish look you desire.

    Add Gold or Silver Accents

    Gold and silver are colors of wealth, and by incorporating those colors into your living room design, your living room will have the appearance of wealth as well. The key here with these particular accents is that you want to use them in moderation… too much will look obnoxious or “gaudy.”

    Consider things like a silver framed mirror or gold candle holders. You can even take old knick-knacks or lamps you currently have and spray paint them gold or silver to add that pop of wealth. You can even add gold or silver accent pillows to your new and improved sofa!

    According to, The key to mixing the two metals or metal colors together is to determine what your dominant metal or metal color will be. To find this out, you’re going to have to assess the dominant colors in your living room, meaning, is your living room filled with more warm colors or cool colors?

    If your living room is filled with more warm colors, then your dominant metal will be gold. If it’s more cool colors, it will be silver. Once you’ve determined the dominant color, you can then start buying or creating your gold/silver accents.

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