A Vaastu-Compliant Home with Modern and Traditional Aspects | Mooltatva Design Studio

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Architect Ajay Urgunde focuses on keen detailing, and meticulous planning complemented with artistic modern and traditional elegance for his projects. This reputation helped him bag this sprawling residential project spread over two floors and outdoor space.

A Vaastu-Compliant Home with Modern and Traditional Aspects | Mooltatva Design Studio

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The main entrance, located in the north, opens into the parking that visually connects with the lawn. The glazed window of the living room overlooks the green expanse with its waterbody that not only adds a soothing touch to the outdoors but also stabilizes the micro-climate. The staircase in white with a wooden railing is a highlight feature that connects the two floors of the residence.


The program devised was mindful of the climatic conditions, and the final orchestration of different functional zones maintained mutual visual connectivity. This was arrived at by the use of courtyards that allow ventilation, the inflow of copious natural light, and a stable temperature throughout the year.

Studying the path of light, the building was placed in a direction that promoted rich, striking sciagraphy as well as comfortable natural light passing through the rooms all day long. The use of courtyards further shields the rooms from the harsh sun, making the home sustainable and energy-conscious.

The foreground of the building is covered with a well-landscaped lawn and the entire building with all its attributes can be directly seen from the road. The landscape design has resulted in openness that helps retain the privacy of the occupants as well. What’s more, a clever deployment of landscape elements plays a pragmatic role by camouflaging the service ducts of the kitchen and toilet.

With bedrooms flanked by balconies, the teaming of enclosed spaces with open ones continues in the private zone as well. The parent’s room is provided with private gardening space to help the seniors enjoy their cup of coffee and stretch a leg amidst natural comfort.

The design works around the clever use of materials, most of which are locally sourced to maintain the inherent flavor of the place. Reclaimed timber obtained from old demolished houses and Italian marble flooring play a starring role in the selection, while strategic use of granite on countertops helps in easy maintenance.  The color palette ruled by white adds calm and elegance to the design.

Putting together creativity and content, architect Ajay Urgunde has designed a home that puts nature firmly in the center of a living experience. A design that strikes a balance between modern technology and traditional aesthetics, while perfectly functioning within the matrix of the family.

The first impression of the site was a lot of openness with mature, well-grown trees. Hence, besides diktats of Vaastu, another key element that shaped the flow of the design and the allocation of the spaces was the positions of the existing trees.

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The client’s brief was clear. He wanted a Vaastu-compliant home with comfortable living for him and his parents, coupled with interaction with surrounding nature. The intent was to create a design mark keeping in mind these parameters. This brief resulted in a two-floor house that effortlessly flows from common to private areas, possesses a sense of openness, and is embraced by greenery.

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Fact File

Designed by: Mooltatva Design Studio

Project Type: Residence Architecture & Design

Location: Bidar, Karnataka

Principal Designer: Ajay. P. Urgunde

Team Design Credits: Minal. M. Niturkar

Project Size: 4500 Sq.ft

Products & Materials: Furniture: The Interior Park – Hyderabad | Lighting Fixtures: Nagrik Lights- Mumbai | Kitchen Fixtures: Sleek Kitchen

Photograph Courtesy: PHX India

Firm’s Instagram Link: Mooltatva Design Studio

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