A Home that Fosters Positivity and Calmness with an Earthy Palette | ASDA Architects

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The apartment is located close to Kharghar hills, an urban jungle amid the concrete of Navi Mumbai. The client who is a jeweler by profession travels every day around 40kms. to his workplace in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Living in a city that is always on the move, the client’s brief was fairly simple: he wanted the space to radiate a positive soothing environment, natural light, and an earthy palette of colors, inspired by nature which reflects a sense of ease and facilitates a connection with the surroundings.

A Home that Fosters Positivity and Calmness with an Earthy Palette | ASDA Architects

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The main door and the safety door are finished in light oak veneer which is further adorned with a brass grill. The door seamlessly merges with the exterior paneling forming a semi-circular pattern. From the inside of the house, the door merges with veneer and glass paneling. The glass paneling is opposite the mandir which reflects the idol and one can view the mandir from anywhere in the living area.

The living and dining areas are connected which further opens up to a balcony space. The antique solid wood dining base was pre-owned by the client and was refurbished and finished with a Saint Laurent marble tabletop. Customized cane chairs with a central chandelier further enhance the look. Sectional sofa in pastel pink color faces the TV unit, which is detailed in white Corian top and polished veneer shutters. The false ceiling was intentionally left very minimal for visually the space to appear bigger. A magnetic track light system has been integrated above the living seating area, which allows one to change the light positioning as per their need. The balcony houses an antique finish swing in the back-drop of a huge Areca Palm, which overlooks the mountains outside.

Duct-able system is incorporated for the living and dining space and slim cassette ACs have been installed in the other areas. The ceiling layout was designed to integrate the AC ducts, fire system, electrical lights, WIFI, CCTV, etc. which was finished in white luster paint. The design style reflects modern rooted home interiors with the use of oak polished veneer, eggshell finished walls, mirror paneling, and the use arches with brass inlays to bring some traditional touch to the space. All furniture items were customized as per the client’s needs.

An arched corridor space further connects the living space with the three bedrooms and other spaces in the house. The Statuario flooring for the corridor is inlayed with Saint Laurent marble which forms a carpet inlay and breaks the monotony of the space. A top-hung glass sliding door, laser cut in a floral pattern leads one to the kitchen. Bianco Neve quartz has been used for the kitchen countertops and back-splash, to maintain the continuity. The glossy grey colour shutters are finished in acrylic. The overall color scheme is kept minimal in accord with the grey and white Statuario flooring.

The design language in the project was clean, modern and minimal with earthy palette. Materiality, colors, craftsmanship, and collaboration with our client lead to a customized, functional, and layered space. The overall use of a warm color palette brings a timeless and plush feel to the entire house. The house manifests a perfect amalgamation of Italian glamour suited to an Indian home.

The layout was further planned to accommodate all the client’s requirements, comprising of a 3BHK unit with each room having en-suite bathrooms, an additional powder room, a balcony, and a mandir. The aim was to create a modern, minimal and timeless space. The space has a 9’ high ceiling and an earthy palette with gorgeous mountains and the golf-course view outside. The ceiling height was restored by carefully planning the air conditioning system throughout the house.

The daughter’s bedroom wall is ducco finished in bright pink color. It was envisioned to represent a dreamy land: which is located in a remote forest. The bed back paneling has a seamless door leading to the bathroom. The wardrobe is broken down visually with lower drawers accommodating stationary and other utility items. The top shutters would have clothes and the side open unit to contain books.

The son’s room stands out with a bike installation in the backdrop. Shades of blue and grey with inlay in rose gold have been the color scheme for his room. The side table tops are finished in quartz for resistance and durability.

The master bedroom was envisioned in a monochromatic theme in shades of beige and brown. The flooring is finished with a uniform pattern of Bronze Armani marble, with some veining patterns. The bed’s back wall is adorned with frames made in MDF and finished in stucco paint. The headboard is in beige colour with side tables being circular in shape and are finished in Bronze Armani marble top. With a hanging pendant light in one corner and a wall-wash light on the other side, the bedroom gives a plush feel.

With a hanging pendant light in one corner and a wall-wash light on the other side, the bedroom gives a plush feel. The TV unit wall is finished in veneer, marble and brass patti, forming a staggering design pattern. Which was actually designed from all the left-over materials on the site. The wardrobes are carefully detailed in sliding veneer shutters with mesh glass sandwiched in between.

Fact File

Designed by: ASDA Architects

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: House in the hills

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 1 year

Project Size: 1370 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 85 Lac

Principal Architects: Gautam Nageshkar and Ankita Sehgal

Photograph Courtesy: Narendra Nageshkar

Products & Materials: Finishes: Koncept surface, Merino Laminates, ZC glass | Sanitary ware: Kohler | Flooring: Aakash marble, Platinum, Apollo | Paint: Asian Paints | Artefacts: Golden Triangle, IKEA | Hardware: Yale, Hafele

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