• A Space for a Nuclear Family that has Calm Hues, Tropical Patterns and Prints Giving it a Charming View | RN Deesign

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    The site was a three-bed apartment in a residential complex located at Powai, Mumbai. The brief was to craft a space for a nuclear family that has calm hues, tropical patterns and prints giving it an elegant and charming view. The apartment came with ready flooring and restrooms. The client wanted to retain all the restrooms and the flooring for entire house except the kitchen & kid’s bedroom, so the design team worked around the existing plan. They wanted a modern and fresh look for their home. They wanted a space that feels refreshing, lively yet calm.

    A Space for a Nuclear Family that has Calm Hues, Tropical Patterns and Prints Giving it a Charming View | RN Deesign

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    It is important to make a house somewhere relaxing to retire in after a long day. As a part of the process, we have considered colour so much more to assist with the mood rather than just purely an aesthetic choice. We introduced colours that lift the spirit, bring tranquillity and calmness where appropriate blues and greens help us do this.

    Living Area & Kitchen

    The living area has shades of blue and green with a prominent entrance having tropical wallpaper and teal coloured shoe rack making the overall space look fresh and crisp.

    It is fascinating how a change of colour or some new flooring can give any space a completely fresh look. Teal green is associated with water and nature. This modular kitchen accelerates the colour palette with fluted glass shutters and tandem trollies.

    The serving window connects the kitchen and the dining area making it visually appealing and adding a sense of openness. The 6 seater dining space is complimented with floral bench and mirrored storage.

    Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom has customized headboard with backdrop of tropical wallpaper. The wardrobe and dressing areas were kept minimal adding character to the entire room.

    Guest Bedroom

    Elegant, simple and yet gorgeous, blue and white is a timeless colour duo that is placid and dignified; ideal for guest room. The guest bedroom has hues of blue, white with murphy bed acting as a space saver blending with the room when not in use.

    Kid’s Bedroom

    The treasured part about designing a kid’s room is getting to know the children and to weave elements of their personality into the space. For these two little ones under 10, set aside is a small space designated for fun physical activity. The rock climbing wall stimulates the overall mental and physical fitness.

    The overall colour palette, the cloud ceiling, bunk bed with interesting stairs and storage below, headboard and study area all looks timeless and fun at the same time.

    The highlight of this project is the impactful tropical entryway that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

    The POP moulding wall detail in the living room and entryway with tropical wallpaper is a smart way to testify the versatility of the colour teal -you will find this striking hue across the furniture and accessories which add dimension to the space as well. The Mirror panelling in the dining room, the bottocino marble flooring and the marble dining table add to the material palette of the space. This rigid geometry is balanced by furniture and soft upholstery. Fluted Charcoal panels and fluted laminates on wardrobes in the master bedroom giving it a textural quality within its limited space. PU coat, laminated wooden floor and suede fabric panelling along with smooth hardwood rock climbing wall in kid’s room gives character to the space.

    Fact File

    Designed by: RN Deesign

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: The Apartment 1701

    Location: Powai, Mumbai

    Project Size1040 Sq.ft

    Principal Designers: Rohit Gupta & Puja Gupta 

    Client: Mr. Nitin Hayaran

    Contractor: ANB Turnkey Solution

    Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Sagar Mandal

    Firm’s Website Link: RN Deesign

    Firm’s Instagram Link: RN Deesign

    Firm’s Facebook Link: RN Deesign

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