• A Simple Guide to Moving Home  

    Relocating is always a challenge and can easily run amuck if not carefully planned and executed. Here are some of our top tips for carrying out a smooth and successful home moving. 


    This is one of the most important tips you can possibly learn. I have been practicing it for years with great success. The basic idea is to pack up all your things just as you would a Russian doll by placing the smaller objects inside the larger ones. This is especially useful for gathering and organizing the objects you keep in your office, workshop or kitchen. You can also do this with all those miscellaneous items you have collected when you are done packing all the important items. This allows your smaller items to be well-organized and assigned a spot while you are moving — you also take full advantage of every scrap of space provided.  


    When you think about it, there are better ways to pack your fragile and delicate items if you really know what you are doing. Instead of using costly and environmentally-UNfriendly bubble wrap, use the clothing, sheets, linens and duvets you will be packing to cushion your fragile objects within quality boxes from Verde Trader. While you may need dedicated packing materials for certain items. Framed artwork, mirrors, dishes and glass items can also be placed in socks, blankets, sheets and towels. Blankets and duvets are ideal for larger items like pieces of furniture and such.  


    Small details will make all the difference in your final location. Especially when it comes time to coordinate the unpacking process. You will be thankful you had the presence of mind to write a detailed description of everything you have placed inside a box on the outside of the box. 

    On the outside of each packed container, box, bag or trunk, include a list of inventories. Especially for those boxes that will need to be unpacked first. If you have a very-detailed plan in place you can even number the boxes or label in which room each box belongs. This idea can be taken to the next step by numbering boxes and taking pictures of each list with your mobile device, this way if the labels can’t be seen from one side of the box, for example when boxes have been stacked in the truck., you can reference the images on your phone to know exactly what is where.  


    Another trick I have used many times is including a shorthand code that makes it easier for me to identify the boxes that I have packed. Of course, it can be tedious to write out “Handle with care” on every box with something fragile, so a giant “F” is good enough. Other shorthand shortcuts can include the name of the room the box belongs to, “LR” for Living room, etc. Color coded stickers can make this job easier and fun for smaller travelers.  


    You don’t give hangers much thought until you realize that you have quite a collection and not sure where they will go. Many people choose to leave their hangers in the old house, but there is a good chance that they are needed at the other end of the home move so it is always best to take them along. But hangers are perfect for reinforcing the strength of your boxes while they are in transit. Each time you have a box that has just a few inches of space across the top, throw in a few hangers to distribute weight and prevent the boxes from collapsing in on each other.

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