A Perfect Confluence Of A Peaceful Abode And A Relaxed Office Space | Stara Architects

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Located in the coastal city of Kozhikode, Stara is a tropical traditional 2,400 sq. ft heaven created by the interaction of light and interweaving spaces along a linear plot at Malaparamba. This residence doubles up as the Architect’s own office space known by the same name. The space is a perfect confluence of a peaceful abode and a relaxed office space within the same plot. The zoning for the building is crafted to accommodate multiple user groups to co-exist in the property without crossing paths. 

A Perfect Confluence Of A Peaceful Abode And A Relaxed Office Space | Stara Architects

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This safe sanctuary, beautifully shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city helps provide a serene ambiance for the residents as well as a creative working group. During the design process, the objective was to accommodate the requirements for a residence and an office within a 4.5 cent plot.

The process began by analyzing preliminary massing designs to cater to the principal objective of creating open areas and segregating spaces visually with minimal physical barriers.

To amplify the sense of openness, the living and dining room have large aluminum doors opening to the courtyard. The architecture is designed in a way to make the best use of cross ventilation and natural lighting. The house faces North, which helped achieving the former mentioned goal of tapping natural light and making the house energy efficient.

The program formulates the Architect’s humble abode on the ground and first floor level. The open kitchen is the element that gives visual culmination of the social area.

The island table not only serves as a breakfast counter but also acts as a separator between dining and open kitchen. The trees on site were incorporated within the design as an elemental feature which helps intertwining the architecture with the surroundings. 

Overall, this design integrates the environment, existing site conditions and natural resources, thereby creating a biophilic design that is both graceful and life enhancing

The family living- dining and an open kitchen overlooks a private shaded courtyard. Sliding doors open from all the surrounding living, and dining spaces which adds to the transparency of the house and its natural surroundings.

The unique elevation was a result of thoughtful placement of courtyards across the site and the volumetric play in spaces. The interplay of light and shade within the courtyards and living spaces, paired with a direct connection to the surrounding nature awards a sense of uniqueness to every space.

The programmatic allocation for the residence consists of three bedrooms, a kitchen, a family living-dining space and a study corner.

The cot in one of the bedrooms on the first floor is a 150-year-old marvel acquired by the client. The diwan set in the living room is also a similarly inherited antique, which was customized to function as a sofa. The pieces cut from the legs of the diwan set were then used as support for the accompanying coffee table.

The first floor level houses a design studio space that extends from west side of the first floor and spills over to the second floor along with a separate entry in the Southwest corner.

The front entry doorway opens into a spartan space whose meagre yet artistically curated furniture sets a tropical ambience in the space. One of the key defining elements of this tropical house is its furniture. Most of which were sourced from client’s ancestral traditional property or custom made based on requirement


Designed by : Stara Architects

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : ‘Stara’ Residence

Location : Malaparamba, Kozhikode, Kerala

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project : 12 Months

Plot Area : 4.7 cents

Built up: 2380 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 1.3 Crores

Principal Architect : Ar. Jasna Jamil

Team Design Credits : Ar. Drishya Jayakrishnan

Project coordinator : Jamshad Mustafa

Photograph Courtesy : Running Studios 

Soft furnishing : Petals by RKP

Products / Materials / Vendors : Sanitaryware and CP fittings Kohler and Bagno Design / Furniture – Stories, Kozhikode / Glass doors and windows – Fabcon / Light fitting -Ledlum / Fan – Atomberg / Hardware fittings – Hafele,Maduram.

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