A Peppy And Quirky Home Decor | U and I Designs

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A Peppy And Quirky Home Decor | U and I Designs

An eclectic home for this young couple is nothing but an exemplar of modernity, vibrance, and quirkiness ensuring to translate those vibes onto the users. Designed by a Bengaluru based firm- U and I Designs, with a zeal to justify the client brief while fusing in with their touch of creativity and elation. All these amidst the challenging times of the pandemic! The spaces were destined to be unconventional going hand-in-hand with the concept of playing with the right tonal palette, giving the abode an interesting mix of warm and cool colors. Colors have a great impact on the moods and thus, they were allowed to rule the roost in here.

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The foyer space, with its unconventional appearance, transmits a sense of effortlessness and peculiarity. Soothing pastels- blue and green dominate the first impression with their justified usage for the niches, flushed shoe rack, and wall. An articulative circular mirror finds its place in here only to complete the energizing vibe the setup has to emit. Wood in the foyer has an abstractive usage with its texture standing out to make a statement of its own.

The living space is minimalistic, breezy, and to the core- peppy! With basic furnishing and neat designing, the space speaks oodles of its happy-go-lucky colors and styling. The highlight here is the old wooden bar unit that was retained by the client. It dwells in a dominant corner to be further elaborated by the repetitive pastel symmetry in definite shapes. Furthermore, the corner gets intensified with a European touch through its layering of artworks.

The dining space is a blank canvas with its whites; only allowing the artistic wooden wall frames. This rawness permits the natural light to play amidst the spatial elements creating distinctive drama throughout the day. A selective wooden dining table holds this arena to get adorned by the pastel-hued, ribbed ceramic pendant lights.

The unique Moroccan dado tiles and the blue for the niches get juxtaposed with the white furniture units to steal the show; also aiding an explorative and expressive kitchen. This play of colors and textures is so well arranged that the whole canvas attains perfect synchrony. There is a subtleness in the design maneuvered to look even more interesting and appealing.

Of the two bedrooms, the master primarily uses blue and white with natural wood affirming vibrancy into the space. The rear wall is handled creatively with its classic style beading to create just the right amount of intervention. The room is airy allowing ample natural light. Cozy seating and a study table are planted against the window wall responding to the context. The glossy finish for the white cupboards enhances the reflectivity making the room appear more spacious.

The client was certain about having a wrought iron bed in one of the rooms. Hence, a rarely explored theme of the ‘bed and breakfast room’ of Nordic countries was chosen for the guest bedroom vibing it away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To justify the theme further, a monotonous old-school wallpaper clings to the wall with its defining mirror and sober white shelving and study unit. Complementing this setup and playing a primary role, a mustard blind centers the wall. The wardrobe unit uses an elegant pleated fabric behind the framed glass shutters showcasing innovation and heartful creativity the designers have put in.

This is indeed one of its kind projects- perfect for the users sorting their aspirations for a quirky, spirited, and a chic house. What a perfect end of the day it would be getting back to this valiant little abode!


Design Firm: U and I Designs

Project Name: Ankita’s Residence

Principal designer: Aniketh Bafna & Sonal Mutha

Location: Bangalore

Client: Mrs.Ankita Shah and Mr.Ashutosh Singh

Year: 2020

Photographer: shalini Siva Prasad- Orka Photography

Text Credit: Megha Hirani

Website: https://www.uandidesigns.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uandidesignsblr/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uandidesigns/

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