•  Mediterranean Paradise : A Modern Coastal home | Ishita Sharma Designs

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    Mediterranean Paradise : A Modern Coastal home | Ishita Sharma Designs

    This 4bhk apartment modern coastal home that we have recently completed was designed after understanding the personality, taste and need of the client to make the space as user friendly as possible. The vibe that you get from this house is a beautiful amalgamation of coastal India and the culture of Agra. Our clients for this east-facing residence, in Nagpur, are a family of 4 members. Their house, which is about 3000 sq ft, faces a busy city road in a dense precinct. Since our client was originally from Agra, she wanted her house to reflect their culture and values but with a contemporary touch. We conceptualized and decided on giving the house an authentic, yet warm and vibrant, touch. A neo classical style with a blend of ethnic elements like brass, ceramic tiles, inlay marble tops and natural stones kept the theme alive.

    The Dining area, which was initially made as a balcony for the house is the main highlight due to various elements. Starting with the main arched entrance to this section from the den area of the house to the (BLUE WALLS), ceramics tiles on one wall that continues to become the floor, sky light and dense plantation in the entire section adds the right amount of drama and character to the house. Being the centre of the house, the dining area becomes the perfect ‘Mediterranean Paradise’ for the members of this house.

    The client’s love for natural plants and books is something that we have incorporated in every section of the house. Bold statement pieces in brass and natural stone and become the highlight of the living room.

    Multiple artworks, customized for each room starting from the Buddha at the entrance to the 3 paintings in the living room and each of the paintings in the bedrooms are all made as per the colours and keeping in mind the vibe of the house by our company head.




    This house is a beautiful creation of our ideas put together with the client’s thoughts and views and has been made with a lot of love and honesty over a period of 6.5 months for our clients.



    Project Name : Mediterranean Paradise

    Space Designer : Ishita Sharma

    Location : Nagpur, Maharashtra

    Area : 3000 sq ft

    Year Built : 2019

    Project Category : Residential



    Design is in our everyday lives. Everything we do, provides a new design opportunity. Interacting with like-minded people, learning from them, observing, thinking and creating has taught me to take advantage of these opportunities and become a better designer than most people. Something that separates a good artist from a not so good one is, belief. I have realized that when you believe in your art, enjoy the process, appreciate it, everyone around you will do the same.

    My company, Ishita Sharma Designs that I had started in the year 2018, primarily focuses on all of these elements. Our motto is to bring colour, texture, pattern and flair into homes and bring spaces to life.

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