5 Quick DIY Tips to Keep Your Contemporary Style Upgraded

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Real estate business has grown over time, and as consumers’ trendy taste and preferences continue to dominate the market, contemporary style has stood the test of time. Viewed by most as a minimalistic style, contemporary style is a mixture of functional, warm, and comfortable choices that are more on space rather than the things in a room.Flavio Serreti, Manager of premium property company, Soprano Villas adds “that you will appreciate the efforts designers put in place to ensure that their properties match the most sought-after contemporary styles.”


The vibrant market is sure to satisfy your property needs; however, with time, as you strive to keep up with the changing trends, you might want to make some changes. As you look for inspirations to inform your contemporary upgrades, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Maximize on the lighting


Large windows are perhaps the most common design in contemporary designs, but for a reason; you enjoy natural light. Maximizing on natural lighting not only helps you to add a warm touch seamlessly but also saves considerable energy. This is, therefore, a natural choice that doesn’t dig deeper in your pockets as you strive to maximize lighting.

Add decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors open up the room, creating an illusion of space. Decorative mirrors are especially excellent for smaller rooms. As they reflect the right across the room, the mirrors help to lighten up, creating a warm feel while opening up space.

The best part about considering decorative mirrors is that they can be installed in different places, not just the walls. For instance, you could upgrade your wardrobe doors with mirrored doors, doubling as a wardrobe door and a mirror for your room, thereby saving more space. With the available artistic designs, mirrors also help you to complement your décor and bring a unique, stylish look to your room.

Go for softer lighter colors

Softer and lighter colors significantly enhance the lighting. As light from your large windows hits your walls and decorative mirrors, you get to enjoy better lighting. This is especially great for smaller rooms that tend to look and feel cramped. With lighter and soft colors, a smaller room can look and feel much bigger, allowing you to maximize its functionality seamlessly.

Spice up the forgotten areas

Your ceiling, hallways, fireplace mantels, and bookcases could use a little lighting up, and a fresh coat could be all you need. The best part is that, since you don’t have to paint a large area, you can conveniently take a quick DIY and make the area much better.

Go green

Plants are an inexpensive approach yet effective in accessorizing your rooms. While plants might not be your go-to, with enough lighting, you can transform the looks of your room, giving it that warm and welcoming feel. Apart from adding on to the texture and color in your room, plants also come in handy in removing harmful gases and pollutants while helping in balancing the room’s humidity. All you need to do is choose idea plants whose handling isn’t overwhelming.

Don’t let your home go out of shape; with the above tips, you can comfortably upgrade your contemporary style and keep up with the ever-evolving advancements.


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  • Wonderful coverage of contemporary styling at home. In fact, the Classic Sofa adds great glamour and flavor to the contemporary look of the living room as mentioned in the blog… Thanks

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