A kitchen cabinet design for the best experience

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Your attention can be on the shaker style for its simplicity, utility, and design principles compared to various other cabinetry designs. In this style, doors come with a frame and panel profile. If you prefer minimalism, it is quite natural for you to favor this design. It can meet your traditional, modern, and transitional taste hassle-free. So, if you needed to select something for your new kitchen, you can explore this design option a bit more to understand its nuances.

Types of shaker style kitchen cabinets

Modern shaker style cabinetry

A real modern kitchen would embrace anything that looks clean and uncluttered. And this door choice is all about that. The doors can be amazing even in their simple form with complementary hardware. You can have it in finished wood or any color, such as gray, navy, black, white, etc. If you don’t want to miss any detail that gives your kitchen a perfect modern vibe, consider opting for Ecowood Cabinetry Lexington variety. It features modern doors with recessed center panels. 

Traditional shaker style cabinetry

Simple designs are not irrelevant even in traditional themes. The beveled edge in a lighter wood finish can add to the kitchen’s overall charm. If you want to soak in the colonial charm, you can get the Williamsburg cabinet doors with flat panels for your kitchen. Don’t worry about their relevance after five to ten years. The sophistication of the design will not let it look outdated. Other than this, you have Cambridge-style cabinets too. It features raised frames on the door front and around the center panel, which also boasts raised frame. If you choose semi-custom options, you can make them as traditional looking as you desire.

Transitional shaker style cabinetry

You can feel surprised, but the shaker style can be as relevant in this theme as in others. Whether you choose any modern or traditional option, you can give them a desirable design twist with a bit of semi-custom choice. A little adornment can produce great results. It is easy to assume the vastness of the options in this specific interior theme.

Points to consider

Shopping for anything becomes easy when you are familiar with it. Like anything else, specific designs have unique characteristics, and shaker style is no exception. A shaker-style cabinet will have recessed grooves without any flair; it usually contains square edges, straight lines, and average proportions. People run after this design because of its timeless appeal that comes from its sleek looks.

If you lead a busy life, you can find this style more interesting for its low-maintenance. You don’t have to put in great effort to clean it. The flat square edges don’t collect much debris or oil residue, which can be a typical issue with others. These can be cost-effective too. Besides, their robustness and ability to become quickly clean are unique propositions. With the right product, you don’t even have to worry about coloring, polishing, etc. So, no matter what interior theme you have in your mind for the kitchen, you can give this cabinet design a chance.