Duplex Interiors Reflects Marble and Granite |  Yellow Arch Studio

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Duplex Interiors Reflects Marble and Granite |  Yellow Arch Studio

This is a Delhi-based residence being spread over 1600 sq.ft. for Mr. Dinesh Gupta who is a business owner of Italian marble & Granite.

The house opens up into a huge lobby expanding over 30 feet long which overlooks into a formal drawing room space segregated via semi-transparent wooden partition, contrary on the other end there’s an adjoining kitchen to the lobby’s dining area. The lobby area also leads to the duplex staircase. So if one person is breathing the lobby space, he can visualize the whole residential length as well as spaces. The duplex staircase climbing to another floor has a walkable skylight which gives the user a feeling of a triplex. The natural daylight penetrating through the front, rear &skylight lit up most of the lobby during the day time.

The lobby has a set of regular sitting and dining table along with a T.V unit and temple setting. The ceiling has natural wooden louvers that run along the length of lobby embracing the lobby length whereas the rest ceiling is kept plain and crisp white. The LCD panel has a brass cut stone finish adhering to the tonal pattern of the ceiling running through.

The duplex wall is the main highlight out of all interior spaces and it never fails to engage a person in a certain manner either it’s the way the brushed granite is cladded or the way it has his punctures& sculpture which are done in a playful way.


The drawing room space is centrally highlighted with a book match Italian marble with natural veneer on either side with wooden louvers climbing up to the ceiling. Furniture fabric has been kept in pastel tones with intrigue details of its knitting pattern and gold inlay.

Bedroom 1: The bed back is done in different geometrical motifs instead of traditional motifs to keep up with the modern interiors. The LCD panel is done in white with a small portion done in the teak shade, also the same motifs are seen here as a part of shutters in the unit. The wardrobes on placed on either side of the bedroom with light colour shutters. The room has a five feet wide bay window peeking into the rear side of the building with a sliding window and comfortable sitting.

Bedroom 2: This bedroom has a very warm look mostly done in wooden and wooden textures which provides a very warm look to the bedroom. The bed back is cladded with a big black lacquered glass framed with wooden. The room has a corner bed so as to cut open space for movement & wardrobe, it also has bookshelves with some sporty cut-outs on one side of the bed which adds a playful touch to the room.

Bedroom 3: This is designed as a bachelor’s pad for the client’s son. The design is kept minimal with a lot of crisp surfaces properly color-coded. The scale of the bedroom has been looked at a wide-angle.  It has a huge T.V unit over 15 feet with its vanity turning into the study after a certain length.  We have also connected the bathroom visually by doing the corner of the bathroom in a glass. The room has a 14 feet wide bay window which is a source of natural light & ventilation. On the other end, there’s a rear balcony and a walk-in wardrobe attached to the room which has an inter-mix of shuttered wardrobes as well as an open clothing section along with a dresser.


Bedroom 4: This bedroom is again like a suite room incorporated with spaces from a lounger sofa set to a minibar placed in a corner to an enclosed walk-in wardrobe space followed by a bathroom. The room has big sliding windows for light & ventilation opening up into the front balcony. The bed is laid on wooden flooring outlay to mark different warmths of the room. The bedroom centers a big LCD unit with Statuario marble backdrop whereas the rest walls are done in the exposed concrete finish.



Project name – T-70 Residence

Firm name- YellowArchStudio

Location- TarunEnclave,Pitampura,New Delhi

Type – Residential project

Client- Mr. Dinesh Gupta

Carpet Area- 1600 sq.ft

Chief Designer- Mr.Kushal Gupta

Photograph Credits- NakulJain (www.nakuljain.com)

Website: www.yellowarchstudio.in

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