A Heavenly, Voluminous, And Spacious Home | MJ Interior design Studio

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A Heavenly, Voluminous, And Spacious Home | MJ Interior design Studio

We’re MJ interior design studio and we aspired to rewrite minimalism and contemporary state of the art design, through our interior project based in Adani shantigram, Ahmedabad. The hardscape of the 4BHK canvas needed the paint of a luxurious yet creative soft-scape. Actualizing the needs of our client was the center of the intensive design planning process.

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Underneath this innovative craftsmanship that we attempted to bring forth, of blending artful contemporary design reflecting ancient Vedic concept with the clarity of minimalism, is the careful contemplation of our client’s desire to have a heavenly home. Our client’s aspirations, the love for design, and the impact it has, got us going and to see the project through fruition.

We believe in the impact of design because we create and curate these designs so that they can design us back! It’s a unique and instinct-soothing blend of the crisp, clean feel of minimalistic culture and contemporary innovation that builds a streak of ancient vibe to the modern layout of voluminous and spacious design.

The door is the basic premise, a snapshot of the entire design product. Hence, the it came out to be a brass and wooden jali that greets with its thoughtful geometric finishing. The pattern and shape of the jali was specifically designed to complement the entrance with the ecstatic significance of the doorway passage that leads to the living room.  

As soon as you enter the contemporary design engraved on the wall gives you an experience of Vaikuntha Sagar, the celestial abode of Vishnu. The carving on the monotone cream stone wall was designed to elicit the streak of elegance to the ancient Vedic mythology. The beginning entry point, itself stands as proof of how a home can be turned around by design to give you the enhanced feeling of a consecrated space. The benevolence of lord Vishnu showers right through the engraved simplistic wall.

Everything from the textures, the materials used, the shape of the chairs, the placement of objects, the paintings on the walls, the antique pieces, the lighting is designed to make a phenomenal change in the way one experiences minimalism and contemporary design. Furthermore, we believe in creating a design that exceeds the expectations of our clients and specifically the experience of tranquillity, and we tried to achieve that by carefully turning the setting into a heavenly abode, by designing massive glass doors that allow evening sunlight.

Now that the masterpiece is complete, it portrays an expression of the true combination of the ancient, the contemporary, and the modern, the minimalism. The finished design is the direct reflection of the evolved desires and interests of our client. working on this project expanded our boundaries and made us believe in the scale of design a thousand times more. Blending two concrete themes into space, without having it be distinctly apart and segmental, made us scrape out and dissect design paradigms and go off the charts on creative prototyping and innovation, to create a space that we and our client can be proud of.


Firm Name: MJ Interior Design Studio

Project Type- 4bhk apartment interior

Project Name – Vaikunth

Location – Adani shantigram, Ahmedabad

Year Built- 2020

Size – 3780 sq feet

Cost – 35 lacs

Principal designer: Maulik Jepiwala

Photography by: Shutter Space

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MJ-interior-design-studio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mj_interiordesignstudio/

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