A Bespoke Furniture Store Designed With The principle Of Colour Blocking | Studio Patternmaker

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A Bespoke Furniture Store Designed With The principle Of Colour Blocking | Studio Patternmaker

Demodes is a furniture store based on the philosophy of making and housing furniture, accessories, fabric, mostly in India, and is based out of Anand, Gujarat. When we were approached for designing a store for them in Ahmedabad, we had to be on board for the same reason.

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For us, a furniture store is not just a place to display and do business, it has to be about the vibe and essence that resonates with its philosophy and ethics. We worked closely with the client throughout the design + execution process, so that what is displayed gives the right glimpse of the variety of assortments they house.

To tie various makes and kinds of pieces they house, together, we thought of ‘Colour Blocking’ as the basic principle for design, styling, and curation of the store. Colour Blocking is defined as pairing well thought solid hues to create one single look which is of high impact.

Colour blocking essentially explores a graphic mix of paint, upholstery, lights, flooring and unexpected colours – creating a striking visual end effect. The ‘blocks’ allow the small compartments to be broken up into separate uses, yet form a seamless end result.

The site had its share of challenges with it being rectangular and confined on the first floor, having different light qualities with just one opening – natural light towards the entry half of the store and darkness towards the back half area. We took advantage of the same and designed the lighting to highlight the pieces and compliment the wall treatments. Not all of the flooring could be changed due to which we managed to replace the white high gloss tiles towards the front with a muted light grey terrazzo tiles to compliment the front neutral colour pallet. The back half area white tiles has to remain but we made that work through offsetting them with bold deeper jewel tones of colour block.

A  threshold that segregates the neutral pallet of the store from the deeper colour tones that form the backdrop of the contrasting pieces towards the back half forms an important junction of the whole visualization.

The store experience is made an interesting one by creating the path rich in details supporting colour blocking. Bold pieces of furniture such as the citrus hues of sofa are placed against contrasting solid colours of the walls laced with a halo of backlight drawing one in, sometimes the detail of a hand-made multi-layered rug catches the eye, sometimes a custom art- deco inspired rug is hung as a backdrop for a humble, handmade walnut side console. Printed wall papers tones down the jewel tones of furniture while somewhere else, the delicious jewel toned walls in blues and deep greens catches one off guard by performing as an artful set up for dining areas.

The most important part of this all remains that most of these pieces are handmade in India, and showcase the immense talent we have to custom make what we desire with precision and beauty.


Firm : Studio Patternmaker

Project : Demodes

Location : Ahmedabad

Area : 1500 sqft

Principal Designer : Parthavi Patel

Photocredit : phxindia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiopatternmaker/

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