8 Celebrities Who Use Saunas

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Saunas are proving hotter than ever as more and more celebrities sweat it out to lose pounds and cleanse pores.

Newer technologies like infrared saunas are popular amongst A-list celebs intent on looking their best. But who enjoys the benefits of saunas like improving blood circulation and reducing stress?

We reveal the top eight celebrities who enjoy their sauna sessions on a regular basis.

Benefits of Saunas

Brendan from The Sauna Company says “Sauna usage goes back millennia as people realized it not only relaxed tired muscles but eased pain and stress.”

Modern medical studies demonstrate multiple sauna benefits including:

  • Increasing circulation – reduces soreness including arthritis
  • Diminishing stress levels – calms both body and mind
  • Improving cardiovascular health – 22% less chance of suffering heart failure
  • Helping skin conditions – dry heat can ease psoriasis

Many celebrities recognise the benefits of saunas and have decided to take advantage of them. But which stars like to lie back and relax in bliss?

What Celebrities Use Saunas?

There are plenty of celebrities who enjoy a good sauna. Here is a list of eight of them.

Kim Kardashian

The reality star regularly turns to her sauna to shed weight. Combined with her gym workouts, the superstar burns calories in the heat before rejuvenating her muscles.

Selena Gomez

The American singer uses a 55-minute therapy session in her sauna to relax.

The infrared tech helps release toxins and increase her heart rate. She claims the heat makes her skin and body feel better.

Jennifer Anniston

Friends megastar Jennifer Anniston is cited as using an infrared sauna. She confesses it detoxifies her system and keeps her skin looking ageless.

As cell generation is closely tied with saunas then she’s clearly correct!

Gwyneth Paltrow

In an interview with W Magazine, the Holywood actress confides that saunas play a huge part in her wellness routine.

She sits in an infrared sauna daily. And she credits that and healthy eating as contributing to her excellent health.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

Both singers use saunas to relax and reduce muscle fatigue caused by their performances.

Lady Gaga is quoted saying that her infrared sauna stops spasms in her back. Taylor Swift uses one to keep toned and radiant.

The Beckhams

An interview with David and Victoria Beckham revealed a sauna at their Cotswold estate. The steam room acts as a centerpiece in their sprawling garden. And they use it to keep fit and healthy.

Emma Roberts

The American Horror Story actor regularly turns to her sauna to burn calories. She also enjoys the detoxification benefits and rejuvenation of her skin.

Enjoy the Benefits of Saunas Today

Many celebrities swear by the benefits of saunas.

Celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow use a sauna daily as part of their wellness routine. They understand that saunas help rejuvenate the body, soul, and mind. And time spent in a sauna works as an effective skin therapy treatment.

Saunas come in DIY kits that are straightforward to assemble. Alternatively, you can order a customizable installation to match your exact requirements.