7 Thing To Do Before Moving Out

Before you close the door to your old home and say goodbye forever, there are a few things that you should first take care of. When you prepare ahead of time for your move, the transition is simpler and less frustrating for everyone moving. What are some of the important things to take care of before moving? The seven items below are among the most important on the ‘to-do’ list.

1- Clean the Carpets

End of lease carpet cleaning is an affordable service that removes various types of stains from the floor so the landlord doesn’t go into shock when he walks in the door. Dirty carpets happen, especially if you’ve lived in the home for some time. Dirty carpets cost renters substantially during move out when the landlord is all-too-happy to charge three times the cost of cleaning for even tiny spots or marks on the floor. Hire a professional ahead of time and no one can say a thing about the condition of the carpet.

2- Deep Cleaning

No one wants to leave behind a dirty home. Not only is it embarrassing for someone to assume you lived in a non-sanitary means, but costs deposit money that none of us want to lose. A deep clean of the place ahead of move-out is a nice courtesy to the new tenants who move in and ensures that you don’t lose your deposit money.

3- Transfer It Over

Many people forget to transfer services such as water, electricity, internet, and able until they’re in a new place without those services. Two – four weeks prior to moving, call the respective company to arrange the transfer of service so you aren’t in the dark or offline at your new home.

4- Do a Walk-Through

Don’t assume you’ve taken everything out of the closet, drawers, or washing machine. Don’t assume that you’ve cleaned every area that needs attention. Assuming gets us nowhere but in a lot of hot water. Give the home a quick walkthrough before you close the door for the final time. Ensure that every nook and cranny in the home is accounted for and that nothing is left behind. Once you are gone, those items are also gone and you may be on the hook for removal fees.

5- Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding and transfer service is a simple set-up that takes minutes to complete. You may even be able to complete a change of address form online and avoid a trip to the post office. Unless you want delinquent notices and old packages, lapses in insurance coverage, and their hardships, set up mail forwarding and complete the change of address form now.

6- Make a List

Accidents happen and many times, it’s only when we start moving out that we notice the problems around the home. Don’t worry that you’ll be nickeled and dimed for these accidents because most are included in ‘normal wear and tear’ standards. Once you notice damages, jot it down on paper. Provide this is to the landlord before moving. This gives him a chance to make repairs before a new tenant moves in. It’s a courtesy that you’d love someone to pass on to you. Start the tradition and take a few seconds to write this list.

7- Hire a Moving Company

By now, you’ve probably felt some of the stressors moving creates. If not, hold on tight because they’re coming. Almost everyone hires when they move. Moving professionals come to the job with the tools and equipment needed to make the relocation simple. They have the industry secrets that most of us do not, facts that simplify the entire relocation process. Movers also reduce the amount of time it takes to move to the new home.

Moving is a big job that we all must prepare for to keep the stressors and frustrations down. If you’re relocating in the near future, do things the right way and use the information above to help get where you are going without a headache. A smooth, simple move is possible -if you are prepared for the big day well in advance.

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