7 Reasons Why Double Glazing is so Good

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Double glazing windows basically mean putting two glass panes instead of one with a gap in between them. You initially might not think that glazing is effective, but there are a lot of benefits of glazing that helps you protect your house, your bills, and even your health.
Here are seven reasons why double glazing is so good:

  1. Energy efficient and Eco-friendly

Who does not like a reduced bill during winters. Double glazed windows help you to reduce your bills during winters by as much as 50%. Double glazed windows mean that the heat trapped in your house cannot escape easily through the windows. This means that you won’t have to keep your heating device switched on all the time. Once your house reaches a comfortable temperature, you can switch it off without fluctuations in temperature. It also helps to reduce carbon footprint and is, therefore, an eco-friendly choice.

  1. Summer Benefit
    Double glazed windows work very well for winters and are a great thermal resistance. Similarly, it works great for summers too. The heat that comes through the windows is significantly lower. This means that the otherwise boiling room would be in a medium temperature. This also means that the cold air would be trapped in your house. You can reduce the consumption of the air conditioner, which would lower your bills and would be eco-friendly too!
  2. Condensation
    Condensation is basically the excess moisture in the air that is seen mostly on the cold surface. During winter, this moisture becomes frost. As a result of this, your room feels colder and hence increases your bill. Mould, mildew and rotting of timber are also a cause of condensation. They are also not very healthy for your family is it could lead to irritation, fever, and headaches. Double glazing helps to keep out condensation and its harmful effects.
  3. UV Rays
    The ultraviolet rays are harmful to you and your house. These rays are known for damaging furniture, carpets, etc. They make them fade away and look old. This affects the interior look of your house and increases your maintenance cost. Double glazed windows are efficient enough to keep the harmful UV rays out of your house. This does not mean you won’t be getting enough sunlight. It means that the harmful rays won’t be able to find a way inside your house.
  4. Noise Reduction
    This is one of the best features of a double-glazed window. How often do you find yourself disturbed by those late evening parties of your neighbor especially in the summers? Or the noise of the kids playing till late during summers? Double glazed windows drive away the excess noise that troubles your house. You can also opt for extreme noise reduction by choosing a thicker glass if you live near the airport or train station. It is perfect for the light sleepers.
  5. Security
    Double glazed windows increase the security of your house. Window security is one of the main concerns of any house owner. A break in through windows is more common than through doors. Using a double-glazed window makes it a lot harder to break through it. If a person is successful in breaking it, the noise would definitely alert the people. You can also latch them from inside. You can increase your security by asking the window manufacturers to install tougher glass panes that would make a break in impossible through the windows.
  6. Resale Value
    As you have read, there are a lot of good reasons why one should opt for a double-glazed window. With these many reasons, the value of your house increases when you install these windows. This would help you find a great rate if you ever want to sell your house. This is a great choice for the old homes that are not very desirable by buyers. You can up the game by installing double glazed windows.

There are too many benefits of double-glazed windows that you cannot ignore. From personal benefits to being energy efficient, it is a smart move to get your windows double glazed.

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