• 7 Creative Trends in Hotel Design to Look for in 2018

    Trend is ever evolving. Every time you would ask, “What is the biggest trend of the year?”, it is quite possible that you get a different answer each time. However, if you don’t follow the trend, you are likely to be ostracized and lag behind your competitors. With AI-powered Industrial Revolution 4.0 knocking around the corner, the latest trends in the hospitality industry can be attributed to the digital transformation of customer service. Here are 7 creative trends in hotel design to look for in 2018.

    1. IoT And Big Data

    Artificial Intelligence has brought the Industrial Revolution 4.0. There is hardly a field today that has been left untouched by the Midas Touch of AI. Now AI is a tool that has helped us build intelligent systems and derive meaning from terabytes of data. Big Data considers the customer preferences and their tastes, thus, enabling hotels to customize rooms as per audience choices and serve them better even before they can order.

    Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology of connected devices, thus, making your gadgets remotely controlled. Smart lighting, smart heating powered by multiple WiFi access points are merely a few examples to quote.“?IoT can help hotels and resorts with predictive maintenance. So, as a manager, you are aware of the non-functionality of AC even before the guest arrives. After all, a happy customer is likely a returning customer.

    Designed by: Hiral Jobalia Studio Photocredits : PHX India

    1. Thoughtful Design

    While clean energy and green technology are some pressing topics in the media, hotels have started to incorporate thoughtful designs into practice. Airport hotels in major cities of the US have already undergone a creative surgery. The building materials of several rooms are made from reusable materials. In several French hotels, the electric appliances are wind-powered. Many hoteliers have invested their fecund brains into creating a photogenic living space using hand-loomed textiles, organic cotton-clad mattresses, handmade crafts and reclaimed woods.

    1. Virtual Reality

    VR has been labeled as an ‘empathy machine’. Gone are the days when customers used to book rooms based on a few photoshopped images, often blurring the reality. 360-degree VR video enables a customer to book rooms after virtually inspecting it from his comfort zone. Several premier hotels and resorts like Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn Express and Shangri-La have already started to invest in AR and VR. Marriott introduced ‘V Room Service’ in 2015 to bring an amalgam of ‘storytelling and technology’.

    (designed by :  FOAID )

    1. Loyalty Points

    Loyalty programs and holiday offers for regular visitors often win their hearts. As the stats may bring home the point, a loyal returning customer spends 67% more than the new one. However, repeating the deal may not sound exciting. So, the trend in 2018 focuses on personalized offers which are meaningful. Many of the successful loyalty programs allow people to encash their points in shopping centres and not merely on buying the hotel services like spa or dinner. The latest trend is about flexibility in the loyalty points.

    1. Focus on The Native Crowd

    Hospitality industry had focused on the foreign tourists in the past for a major portion of the revenue. However, major hotel chains have now realized their flaw and the hospitality industry is seeing a change in 2018. Many luxury hotel chains have come up with a specialized package for the locals like fitness classes and spas and not merely accommodation and tour. Some resorts have started to organize wine tasting tours or concerts to attract audience within a relatively smaller radius, say 300 km.

    1. Experience Not Opulence

    The millennials perception of opulence no longer lies only in riding a limited-edition Bentley or owning the French cellar. They want to undergo cultural extravaganza, a journey to the ancient heritage and spend their weekends amidst the lap of nature. Although luxury isn’t transforming into something spartan, the latest trend is ‘minimalism’ or ‘less is more’. All they seek is a unique experience and that’s where hoteliers have started to run their fecund mind.

    1. Virtual Assistants

    Chatbots can reply to your repetitive questions without getting annoyed or tired. Many of these bots come integrated with commonly used platforms like Messenger, thus, make it convenient for visitors. This has helped the hotels to cater to customer queries efficiently.

    The travel and hospitality industry has seen a sea change in the last few years. Thanks to the technology-laced creative trends!

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