6 Home Plumbing Upgrades to Consider for 2022

Investing in plumbing upgrades offers several benefits to a homeowner. First, modernizing plumbing appliances often reduces water and power consumption and the bills associated with those utilities. Next, these upgrades add value to a home, making it easier and more profitable during selling. Finally, plumbing upgrades are a great way to make your home feel more luxurious and welcoming. 

Here are six home plumbing upgrades to consider for 2022.

Replacing Your Sewer Line and Piping

If you live in an older home, it might be time for an overall sewer and plumbing upgrade. This investment isn’t as simple and fun as some of the other upgrades on this list, but it’s incredibly valuable.

Older homes often have lead, clay, or iron pipes, which pose health concerns and tend to fall apart over time. According to, if you notice consistently slow or clogged drains, this indicates a deeper issue with the sewer lines.

Upgrading these dated pipes and lines with a modern alternative will help enhance your home’s value and pay for itself over time. 

Installing Low-Flow Faucets and Toilets

Installing low-flow faucets and toilets will save you hundreds— if not thousands— of gallons of water consumption each year. Additionally, you’ll see those cost savings on your water bill. Investing in these upgrades now will earn you the money back in savings in mere months. In some places, making eco-conscious upgrades to your home makes you eligible for rebates.

Look for toilets with dual flushing systems and aerator faucets to curb your consumption. Fortunately, these plumbing accessories are becoming more popular, making them far more affordable to acquire and install.

Installing Smart Leak Detectors

You can get a high-quality smart leak detection system for under $1000. These smart devices monitor your pipes to detect anomalies— such as water pressure changes— that could indicate a leak. 

Smart leak detectors add value to any home, but they’re particularly useful for people who travel often or own multiple properties. For example, if you own a short-term rental property or seasonal cottage, having a smart leak detection system in place could prevent a costly disaster. 

Switching to an On-Demand Water Heater

On-demand water heaters, sometimes called tankless water heaters, are one of the most valuable plumbing upgrades for your home. This wall-mounted device replaces the bulky, energy-draining water tank with a sleek, efficient device. 

Rather than paying to keep your water warm when it’s not in use or running out of hot water when you need it the most, tankless heaters warm the water when you turn on the tap. They also take up less space and cut back on your water consumption.

Switching to Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are no longer a luxury item in the modern home. These traditionally commercial devices help cut back on water consumption and minimize the spread of germs. You no longer have to worry about getting raw chicken on your faucet in the kitchen, and you’ll minimize germ transference in the bathroom.

As you’ll no longer be touching the taps with wet hands, you’ll also minimize water spots and grime, and less time spent cleaning is always a win!

Installing Hydronic Towel Warmers

For a luxurious home upgrade, consider installing hydronic towel warmers. These water-powered towel racks hook into your plumbing or radiant heat system. In addition to offering a sense of luxury at home, these devices dry your towels faster, cutting back on laundry and the development of mildew in a wet area. Throw in a steam shower, and you’ve got the makings of an eco-friendly home spa.

With these plumbing upgrades, you can modernize your home while making it more eco-friendly and comfortable. 

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