• 6 Benefits Of A Floor Plan Software In Architecture And Design

    The world is always moving forward and our technology moves with it. The more we use technology and learn from it, the better it gets. Architects and designers used to have to spend a lot of time and money creating designs manually by drawing or building 3D models. 

    The problem? If the master copy was lost, damaged, or needed to be changed, the whole thing might need to be duplicated. Floor plan software makes life a lot easier for architects, designers, and anyone using their services.

    It’s said that architecture in particular works differently than simple design. It has three specific characteristics:

    • Designed with human use, adaptability, and practicality in mind.
    • Stability and permanence of its work. 
    • Communicating ideas and experience through its form. (1)

    This being said, floor plan software is useful for designers and architects alike. 

    Here are five benefits of using floor plan software in architecture and design:

    1. Accuracy

    It’s easier now more than ever to achieve precise measurements, make changes, and establish even minute details with floor plan software. Using the right tools, you can zoom in, fix minor issues, and add intricacies that you couldn’t before. This makes the resulting plans more credible than drawn designs or photos, too. A client can perceive the feel of a space and see important details through high-resolution digital plans. (2)

    This software can take a lot of the guess work out of designing, as it often comes equipped with logistical guidelines, as well as all the tools you need to bring a creation to life. There are many different software solutions out there that offer amazing services in accuracy and detail.

    1. Visualization

    The latest floor plan software can really help you visualize a property beginning with the design. This can be very helpful when selling designs to buyers. People want to be able to visualize what their new space is going to look like, how the furniture is going to be placed, where all the windows and doors are, etc. Not only can a floor plan help a designer wrap their head around the specifics of architecture, but it can also enable them to fully showcase their concept to someone else, particularly a potential buyer. (2)

    1. Space

    As touched on above, floor plan software can truly help with viewing and realizing space within the design. 

    An architect or designer can gain a greater understanding of the space they are dealing with. Prospective buyers can also analyze the space from their perspective. For example, using a 3D floor plan, they can see if a potential nursery space is near the master bedroom, or if there are any stairs in the building, and so on. 

    What can be hard to see in a 2D image or design drawing becomes much clearer with the use of floor plan software. 

    1. Saving resources

    Anything done digitally can help save time and money versus the analog alternative. You won’t have to come up with the materials for a physical 3D model, or print out a huge number of documents using paper. A digital floor plan can be created and shared across many devices for the benefit of the architect/designer, their work colleagues, and potential buyers. 

    If you happen to lose something you have printed out, everything you need is backed up online or on your computer. No more having to recall exactly what you drew on the master design spread, you can simply find and refer to the digital file, still complete and intact. 

    1. Marketing and sales

    While this leans away from actual architectural and design elements, both of these professions do need to concern themselves with selling. Even though you might work for a firm that has set clients and contracts, private housing is still the biggest revenue driver for small and medium sized firms. In 2018 it brought in 55% of all revenue in the profession. So, it’s still very important to make your designs accessible to potential clients. (3)

    With the help of floor plan design software, you can showcase your design to anyone who needs to see it. A client or buyer can explore the design and see a rather realistic version of what the property is going to look like. This can have a huge impact on someone’s intention to do business with you. It can help take out any guess work or uncertainties involved in designing something you can’t physically see in person. 

    1. Surface area

    As the architect Ludwing Mies van der Rohe said, “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.” While this is true, before you can put two bricks together, you probably need to know what type of bricks you need, how many you need, and how they are going to be placed. This is why design today is so important. (4)

    When designing and building a property, sometimes you have to know what materials you need first. A 3D digital floor plan can allow you to calculate the exact surface area of the floor so you can easily draw up things such as floorboard or carpet area size. This can help with the building process and with calculating the cost of building materials. 

    A buyer can also get an idea of the surface area and get an understanding of the value of space within the property without needing to see it in person. You can determine the exact square footage, and knowing that can help a buyer make a better decision on whether to buy or not. 


    Designing a property of any kind is not easy, but with the help of floor plan software it doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. Nor does getting an idea of a property without physically seeing it. This kind of software can showcase space and surface area, allows for accuracy and visualization, helps to save on resources and can make selling and buying easier. 

    Floor plan software is truly an architect or designers’ best friend, with many great benefits to help within this profession to design, explore and ultimately sell. 


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