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    Solar panel installation is something many homeowners have discussed. It can be time-consuming to weigh the pros and cons of having solar panels in your home, and there is a lot of information to be found about it. This can make it hard to figure out if solar panels are a good fit for your home and family. Below are some of the top advantages of having solar panels installed may offer homeowners.

    1. Less Money Spent On Electric Bills

    One of the top reasons homeowners look into solar panels is because they want to lower their electric costs. Even if the number of solar panels you install cannot fully cover your electric needs, you may offset some of your costs. Some electric companies will also allow homeowners to sell back some of their energy to the company. The excess energy sold back to the company is typically added as a credit to their accounts to offset future electric costs. And if you have a  sturdy solar generator, you can even expect more.

    2. Protection From Rising Electricity Costs

    No matter where you live, the cost of electricity is on the rise. Most homeowners see this firsthand every month. Unfortunately, the cost of using electricity is going to continue rising for the foreseeable future, and this means your electric bills will continue to go up. Installing solar panels from Bakersfield is like having insurance for the rising costs of electricity.  The ability to produce your own energy saves you from having to buy expensive power from electrical companies.

    3. Installation Is More Affordable Than Ever

    Even though the cost of electricity is rising, the cost of having solar panels installed is becoming more affordable. In the last 10 years, the cost of installation has decreased by more than 50% around the world. Lower pricing for installation means more homeowners have access to solar power than ever before. Most local municipalities offer incentives to homeowners for having solar panels installed on their homes.

    4. Get A Good ROI

    Not only do some homeowners reduce or eliminate their electric costs, but some also find their solar panels to be a simple way to make extra income. Net metering is a way to sell excess solar energy your home collects. Some people can earn hundreds each year selling solar energy they collected and could not use. For areas where homeowners can take part in net metering programs, the money earned plus incentives given can pay for the installation of your solar panels in just a few short years. Once your system has been paid off, your solar panels are going to continue creating free energy for your home as long as the system continues working properly.

    5. Good For The Environment

    Another benefit of having solar panels installed on your home is that they are good for the environment. Solar is a renewable energy source. This means it will not deplete as it’s being used. Using sunlight and turning it into energy does not deplete the sun or its energy. The electricity created by using solar panels does not create any harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Nothing damaging gets released back into the atmosphere when energy is produced using solar panels.

    6. Independence From Electrical Companies

    Having solar panels on your home allows you to create your own energy and gives you independence from electrical companies. Homes with solar power do not have to depend on traditional local electrical grids. You can have control of the electricity you create for your home.

    Things To Consider When Getting Solar Panels

    Even though there are many advantages of having solar panels installed on your home, it is important to take into consideration some disadvantages as well. To have solar panels installed, you need to be able to afford them. They have a high upfront cost, but you can easily find solar financing to help you out. Solar power is an intermittent power source.

    First, the sun does not shine at night, so you cannot create energy until daytime. Second, the intensity of the sun and how much power you can create varies depending on your location, time of day and time of year. Third, snow, clouds and foliage can have a significant impact on the amount of energy you can create with your solar panels.


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