5 Upgrades to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

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The roof is your home’s number 1 protector. It shields you from the sun’s heat, the cold snow, or heavy storms. But because of nature’s testing times, it would come to a point when even the roof of your house would say: I have had it! And little by little, it gives up, its surface and layers tearing away.

You might think that the automatic solution to your roof problems is to replace it right away. There is some truth in it. After all, it is better to replace it right away so as not to experience extreme repercussions later on. However, there is another solution without necessarily stripping your roof down: re-roofing!

Then you might ask: What does re-roofing mean? It is the process of laying a new set of shingles over the existing damage ones. What’s different here is that you do not have to do the whole labor of a general construction involving replacement.

Re-roofing provides a great opportunity to cut back on repair cost and doing things the easier way without sacrificing the quality of work. Do not worry! The damaged spots will still be fixed and you will still have a safe home. For those who plan to put your house on the market for a house upgrade, it does not devalue your home either.

Now, since you are already re-roofing, why not consider the following upgrades? After all, you have already saved money. It would not hurt to do some add-ons that are both aesthetically pleasing and also promotes safety and comfort.

Upgrade 1: Roof ventilation

Re-roofing is a great opportunity to also make some adjustments that contribute to the overall ventilation of the home. Through ridge vents or soffit vents under the eaves can help in a cooler air circulation.

Upgrade 2: Cool shingle

Choosing white or a light color for the shingles can make the roof insulate cooler temperature, but if you want to still explore with color, reflective shingles are for you. These come in a multitude of colors and quickly re-emits much of the heat that it absorbs.

Upgrade 3: Easy-to-maintain gutters

Gutters can sometimes be misaligned after the tests of the times. Re-roofing can also be a great opportunity to replace the gutters. Choose gutters with built-in curved hoods because gutters of this make allows water to trickle down and around the hood. At the same times, leaves do not get clogged up in there.

Upgrade 4: Chimney cap

Another energy-saving upgrade is an airtight chimney cap. Even if you are not using your fireplace or if you have just turned it off for a while during cold seasons, the warmth will still stay because of the airtight chimney cap.

Upgrade 5: Eave Flashing

Eave flashing is a great upgrade because it avoids damage caused by an ice dam. It is also easy to install this because you can buy peel-and-stick ones that fasten into the roofing on its own. Easy peasy!

With these extra upgrades, you are ready for the warm and cold seasons. Get comfortable and cozy with re-roofing techniques that make your home a better place to live in!

One thought on “5 Upgrades to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

  • I really liked the part of your article that mentioned how reroofing can allow you to change the color of your roof, thus improving its cooling capabilities. This is something I think our family can definitely benefit from since we live in an area that has some pretty hot summers, and that could really drive our electric bills up due to increased AC usage. Once I begin my home renovations, I’ll make sure I ask for reflective shingles from the roofing contractor we hire.

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