• 5 Storage Benefits for Millennial Couples and Young Adults

    Today Millennials, also known as Generation Y are considered to be the largest group of population in the world. They are the new trend-setters who have won the heart of the corporates thanks to their work hard, party harder attitude. But, did you know that Millennials are the highest ranked population group to use long-term and short-term storage units? Yes, it is true. Since storage is a need-based product, it is generally triggered by some of the life transition like moving interstate, military deployment, going to college, divorce etc.).

    The peculiar thing with Millennials and young adults is that they are a product of change at a far more frequent rate than past generations. This trait makes them an ideal customer to avail the storage unit services. Let us now elaborate this point further by looking at the different benefits that Millennial couples and young adults can derive from long-term and short-term storage units:

    Store your older items as a souvenir of your childhood memories

    The sad part about childhood is that it can never come back. But, it is possible to relive those moments by keeping things like your first college comforter or your first booze bottles used at your apartment, your favourite t-shirt from the 5th grade or a gift given by your parents during your 18th birthday. Millennial couples and young adults today have the option to store these things as a part of memorabilia to cherish their favourite childhood memories in the form of a long-term storage unit. The great thing about these souvenirs is that they can work as a stimulator for Millennial couples to ease off the increased pressure from their lives. The same thing applies to young adults as they can now relive past memories and think about their favourite moments easily at any given time. People can use Britannia Safe Deposit if they want to save their important documents, jewelry or money, etc.

    Save some money especially when you are planning for a new family member

    As a young Millennial couple if you already have a child and are planning for another one it is important to keep the crib, stroller and toys in a short-term storage unit. The reason being, it really costs a lot if you buy these things from the market. So, while planning for a baby ensure that you have the necessary things stored safely for future use. This will ease off your budget and will provide useful things that can be helpful to care for the newly born baby.

    Keep all the duplicate wedding gifts in a storage unit for future use

    Weddings are great and the wonderful part is the gifts that you receive during the occasion. But there are times when you receive duplicate gifts like multiple toasters, mixer grinders or coffee makers making you ponder what exactly needs to be done with them. This scenario is quite common. If you are a Millennial couple and have faced a similiar situation, there are two options available to you: either give away the gift to someone or keep it in the long-term storage unit. While the first option seems to be logical in case you go with the second option chances are you can avail several benefits from it. For example; if one of the items get broken you can replace it with the duplicate one and shift the damaged one to the storage unit. This will save your invaluable time which can be used to do something more productive instead of visiting the company and asking for a suitable replacement.

    De-clutter your apartment

    Your life of a young adult, especially a bachelor is completely care-free. There are things lying everywhere in the room with a lot of clutter all around. But, what happens when you purchase a furniture for example and do not have enough space in your apartment? This is especially true in urban areas of Australia where there is a space constraint. This is when you will need the services of a long-term storage unit to de-clutter your apartment and ensure that the furniture finds a suitable place somewhere.

    Change in relationship status

    In today’s fast-paced world, it is common for people to fall in love, break-up or marry. Millennials are particularly fast when it comes to changing their relationship status. Sometimes these frequent changes can result in a change of residency, moving interstate or even moving with a partner very quickly. This is where short-term storage unit can be extremely useful.


    In the end, we would like to say that Millennial couples and young adults are same as any other adult in our country. In this fast-paced environment, it has become all the more important for them to avail the services of a good storage unit to have a relaxed and easy-going life ahead.

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