5 Steps to take if I Seriously Get Injured on a Construction Site

The risk of injury at a construction site is slightly higher than in any other industry because it is comparatively dangerous. Though it is a dangerous industry and the construction site accidents are covered under workers’ compensation laws. Unluckily if I get seriously injured on a construction site, irrespective of the situation, I believe in taking the mentioned five steps as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Attention:

After I encounter a construction site injury, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is very important, even if the injuries are minor. I have previously learned that the symptoms of some serious injuries don’t appear initially, and later they aid in a serious health issue. Also, immediately treating workplace injuries is an important step in the recovery process.

Besides, getting medical assistance would also help me later claim a worker compensation file and a personal injury lawsuit.

Communicate With Employer:

The next thing to do is to inform my employer. This is also an important step after a workplace injury. Many states in the country have certain statutes that need the workers to report accidents within a certain period. Even my state does not have statutes; it is also important for:

  • Reporting the construction site accident accelerates the process of worker compensation files.
  • Reporting the accident makes a claim more effective.
  • The employer would take certain steps as described by the OSHA.

When reporting the accident, I would submit it in written form. The report shall be as specific as possible.

Collect As Much Information as I Can:

Next, I would try to collect as much informational s possible about the construction accident. I would collect the contact details of the eyewitnesses, which is important if I want to pursue a claim. I would prepare a list of every person present at the time of the accident. If possible, I would request them to write a small note about the incident and my level of injuries.

Another important thing to do would be to ask a colleague to take photos of the accident as many as possible. A couple of photos captured with a cell phone to document the accident plays an important role in reaching the employer and filing a claim.

: in a construction accident, you may have grounds for multiple claims, specifically workers’ compensation, a personal injury lawsuit, and even a product liability claim.

Hire a Construction Site Accident Lawyer:

After an accident, it is advisable to hire a construction site accident lawyer. The construction site accident attorneys have the knowledge and resources to assist workers by completing all necessary paperwork and investigations. There is a long list of construction site accident attorneys in the market. Forensic Consultant is a law firm that has the most-experienced lawyers for assistance.

Track My Medical Treatment:

While it’s likely that my lawyer will order my medical records, it’s a good idea to keep track of all the doctor’s visits, notes, and bills. Keeping medical records related to the case will help my attorney prepare the case and look after my health conditions.