5 Simple Ways To Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes energy forces to harmonize the human body with its surroundings. It is actually classified as one of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics and was originally used to orientate a building.

In modern times it is often used to help individuals find harmony by arranging your room according to energy forces, specifically chi. Chi is the Chinese name for the energy force that gives life and being in harmony with chi ensures physical and mental wellbeing.

While you can get a professional to help you incorporate Feng Shui into your bedroom, you can also start with these simple techniques.

  1. Position Your Bed

The first step is to position your bed properly. That means making sure you are facing the door when lying in bed. However, you shouldn’t be directly in line with it. If you are directly in line the chi energy will leave the room too quickly, preventing harmonization.

  • Add Rugs & The Right Colours

The best way to include Feng Shui in your bedroom is to choose a natural rug, such as this large jute rug. Adding natural materials helps to balance your room and maintain the energy level of chi. This is essential to the harmony of the space.

You should opt for natural colours as well, preferably lighter tones such as beige and ivory. They aren’t just natural, they are also soothing, encouraging you to sleep well.

  • Tidy the Space

One of the most important steps is to tidy the bedroom. Take a good look around and remove all items that are cluttering up your space. Bringing simplicity to your place will help you to put issues into focus and calm your mind.

Considering stress can be detrimental to your health, tidying your space is an excellent way to de-stress and improve your chi.

Don’t forget, energy flows everywhere in your room and it is believed that the items stored under your bed affect your dream quality. You need to keep that area clear.

  • Eliminate technology

It won’t surprise you to discover that electronics are a distraction and this will prevent you from achieving harmony through Feng Shui. Remove all electronics from your bedroom and you’ll find you get better sleep and you are more in harmony with the world around you.

  • Keep It Soft

Feng Shui focuses on getting your mind balanced and the various subconscious signs that can damage that focus One of the biggest problems in many bedrooms is the amount of corners in a room. Subconsciously, a corner in your bedroom is likely to put you on edge. This will disrupt your relaxation and sleep.

Don’t just think of your furniture, the same principle applies to everything in your bedroom, including plants. Cacti are definitely not allowed!

Feng Shui focuses on the five natural elements, earth, metal, water, fire, and wood. These are all important to harmony in life but metal and water energies are active which won’t help you get the rest you need in your bedroom! Keep them out of your bedroom.