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    Are you looking for exciting design ideas to create unique customer experiences?


    Whether you’re building a store from the ground-up or retrofitting an existing space to give it a new lease of life, a few simple tricks can help stores stand out from the crowd.

    Join us as we explore five retail design solutions for retail architects to create amazing spaces that send sales through the roof.

    1.Point of Purchase Displays

    When you’re thinking about the design of a store, it’s important to put yourself in the customers’ shoes.

    How can you grab their attention?

    Whether you’re looking for impulse purchases at the checkout or elaborate displays for high-value items, point of purchase displays can increase sales by as much as 445%.

    The best types of pop displays will have bespoke designs to match the branding of a specific range of products.

    2.Bespoke Shelving Units

    While shelving might seem like a relatively obvious addition to any retail store, creative shelving designs give architects scope to completely transform the feel of a space.

    Every store has a unique floor plan which requires bespoke shelving to maximise the use of the space.

    Instead of using row after row of bog-standard shelving, why not mix things up with intricate corner designs, built-in units and cutting-edge illuminated displays?

    3.Get Creative with Acrylic Display Stands

    One of the biggest challenges for store architects is making small spaces feel light and airy.

    If you’re working with a limited floor plan, you don’t want customers to feel claustrophobic or for your displays to appear cluttered.

    Transparent acrylic display stands are a fantastic way to display tonnes of stock without blocking out too much light.

    4.Eye-Catching Mannequin Displays

    If you’re designing a retail space for a clothing store, try to think outside the box when it comes to product displays.

    Instead of using old-school mannequins to showcase your favourite clothing combos, why not turn it up a notch with KSF Global’s unique mannequin displays?

    We‘ve got creative with body shapes, materials and postures to design mannequins which do your outfits justice. Life-like displays are important to create empathetic customer connections and avoid negative body stereotyping.

    5.Wall Display Shelves

    If you’re short for floor space, wall displays are a handy way to increase your storage capacity. Play around with custom designs to integrate products into the physical shape of the room.

    Instead of working around lots of irregular alcoves, air conditioning units, and pipes, try adding rebated shelving units to create clean lines around the store perimeter.

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