5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a Ceiling Fan in Your Room

When you move into a home, there are some features that you expect are standard. Overhead lighting, up-to-date electricity that follows coding, and basic plumbing fixtures, for instance. But in many places, a ceiling fan in each room is another normal expectation.

This is because ceiling fans are not just ornamental. They provide many benefits to the home that are valuable.

If you’re missing this important fixture in a room or two (or all of them), you should seriously consider investing in the addition. When you do, you get to enjoy these five advantages that come with a ceiling fan.

1. You’ll Have Lowered Energy Bills

If you have an HVAC unit that you run without a fan, you’re making your unit work too hard. By adding a ceiling fan to each room and running them regularly, your utility bills can be slashed by a third or more.

The fans don’t affect the temperature. Rather, they circulate the air produced by the HVAC unit or naturally. This is especially important when the climate is hot. You get the cool breeze from the fan without overextending your air conditioner.

How much energy you save depends on your geographic location. When you have the fixture installed, it’s important to use a professional because you’re hooking up to live electricity.

A St Kilda electrician can give you details about how to use your fan best and the type of utility savings you’ll have if you live in that area.

2. They Help All Year

Yes, a ceiling fan offers that essential cooling touch when the weather is hot, but it actually benefits you all year-’round.

In the winter, the fan can distribute heat that you’re getting from your HVAC unit or furnace. All you need to do is reverse the ceiling fan’s direction with a simple flip of the switch located at the motor housing near the blades.

By reversing the direction, the fan now pulls warm air from the highest point of the room and pushes it down to the cooler bottom temperatures. Air is distributed as it should be, and you get to enjoy the warmth and the lower utility bills.

3. They Can Be Light Sources

Natural lighting is the best, but if it’s not enough, a ceiling fan doubles as a light source. Some fans don’t include light fixtures, so be careful when you buy one to make sure yours offers the lighting features you want.

Do you want an overhead light that isn’t glaringly harsh? Look for a ceiling fan with a dimmer switch option. That way, you can choose when you want bright lights and when you’d prefer a softer atmosphere.

4. They Can Enhance the Decor

The typical, generic, inexpensive fan has white or wooden blades and no lighting. However, if you’re looking for something with style, you’ll have endless choices.

It’s easy to find a ceiling fan that matches or enhances your decor. Kids’ fans with their favorite cartoons, elegant fans with chandeliers, and hundreds of other varieties are available.

5. You’ll Sleep Better

Even with the air conditioner on, the air can be dry and create or worsen breathing issues. If you find yourself tossing and turning, waking up stuffy, or otherwise having trouble sleeping, a ceiling fan can help.

From the soothing background noise to the better-circulated air, a fan is a way to calm your body as you rest. With adequate air movement, your breathing problems can be reduced or go away completely.

Between the cost savings and the health and style benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a ceiling fan and every reason to go get one right now!