• 5 Reasons to Use an architectural model

    What is an architectural model?

    Architectural modeling is the design of real (not virtual) 3D representations of buildings or objects. The models are made on a scale, for example, 1: 100, which means they are 100 times smaller than the original, although they could be 1: 1, which is normal or even larger, or for example 8: 1, where the model would be eight times the size of the original.

    5 Reasons to use an architectural model

    For an architect, an architectural model is a real artifact that comprises all the possibilities in terms of construction.

    Such an architectural model can offer several advantages even to ordinary people. These models have an extremely vast and long history and the development of technology until present offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy their advantages. If you are not yet determined to make such a purchase, here are 3 reasons that will convince you to make the best decision.

    Unique design

    As far as the design is concerned, such an item can present all the details that you have never imagined. From house and building projects to landscaping, an architectural model can present anything in detail. All these aspects transform the architectural model into a unique piece of interior design, being an ideal gift choice especially for all those who work in the field of architecture and/or construction. Everyone will be happy to have a unique and impressive collection of the most spectacular projects in their career.

    An imposing tool in construction

    Most architects plan to make a sketch before the actual development of the construction. Of course, this is essential to any ongoing project, but it often happens that certain steps or certain details that cannot be visualized are omitted. However, thanks to a 3D model any builder / architect can have a better overview, which allows the correction of potential errors even before the implementation of the actual construction project.

    Cost reduction

    A project for a new house, park, museum, etc. imposes a wide range of costs, but also a necessary period of time to complete the project properly. As long as we take into account the things mentioned in the previous step, we can say that the vision that a model offers you can help you reduce both costs and production time, given the numerous and precise details that an architectural model can highlight. With a very real vision of the final result, you will be able to reduce the high time and costs from the design phase, which can help you up to 1000 times compared to when you choose to put the project into practice only based on a sketch.

    Environmental impact

    There is more and more pressure on the business environment (and not only) regarding the impact of modernization and the appearance of new companies on the market. The effects that may occur unless the impact on the environment is monitored are not at all easy to overlook. Thus, the architectural model also allows to notice the relations of a future construction with the natural environment, with the living ones and it is possible to see how this will directly and indirectly affect the life of the population. In fact, the models can also be made of recycled materials, thus contributing to a good recovery of waste.

    Economic function

    A project never comes with small financial implications, so turning it into reality becomes a real challenge. Along with economic fluctuations in the market, the costs of working materials and obtaining documentation also increase, so any construction error can be truly catastrophic. Architectural models allow to reduce costs tens or even hundreds of times, which confirms a good organization in the business environment.

    Model Making in Architecture – Why Does it Matter?

    In the absence of an architect who can make the difference or an expert who can make the difference in a construction, an architectural model can be an equally important element when you want to build a building or to consolidate an already existing building / dwelling.

    These models can be used for both personal and professional purposes, to build / renovate a commercial and / or industrial building. We could practically say that the architectural model is a complement of the architect who can achieve a perfect construction process through it. Here is why and what are the functions of a model in a construction process.

    Depending on the phase in which it is made and analyzed, the role of an architectural model is to actively contribute to the successful completion of a construction that fully corresponds to the user’s requirements. So here are the main attributions of the model depending on the processes in which it is integrated.

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