• 5 Reasons To Invest In House And Land Packages Away From The City

    Did you know that nearly seventy percent of Australians call a city their home? It’s a surprising statistic given the enormity of our sunburnt country – especially considering the amount of generous house and land packages available away from the big cities. Visit Lendlease Communities to see the best value house and land packages across NSW and Australia. Buying into a planned community means you don’t have to sacrifice the perks of a big city but you can safely do away with associated hassles. Here are five reasons to invest in house and land packages away from the city.


    1. Peace Of Mind

    You can be sure that your new property is built to the strictest standards on a plot of land suited to it. You will not have to worry about your home being built on time or budget and you’ll know exactly what you are buying. Planned communities by Lendlease offer a forward-thinking approach to home and land packages. With masterfully thought-out infrastructure you can be assured that your home has access to the future


    1. Great Value

    With real estate in the major cities becoming more and more expensive, a house and land package away from the city is an affordable way to enter the property market. For many in Sydney, the dream of home ownership is fading but if you are willing to look a little further out, your dreams of a generous place to live your life don’t seem that far away. Investing in a house and land package also insures your home is new and fault free, something that can’t be said about the majority of dwellings in the inner city. A planned community could be a good way of finding the best value House and Land Packages in NSW.


    1. Unmatched Opportunity

    It’s no secret that real estate in Australia is hot property. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!) Many planned communities are offering you the opportunity to invest in future property hot spots. These house and land packages are a perfect way to get in at the ground floor as an investor – as the home is already built and ready to take tenants. As these communities grow, rail links open them up the larger population centres increasing the value of your investment.


    1. Community Spirit

    Walking the crowded streets of our major cities, it’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed. With so many people, it’s difficult to find a space that feels like a real community. Planned communities are different. Lendlease puts community first and implements social activities for their residents to foster friendships between likeminded individuals. Imagine a home amongst good neighbours with shared spaces such as ovals, parks and gardens. It’s what so many people crave but cannot not obtain in this busy modern life.


    1. Convenience

    Being away from the big city doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience. House and land packages in a Lendlease community still offer convenience and liveability. These communities often centre around a retail district and offer quality schools and medical facilities so you will always have everything you need close by.


    City living can be draining for some and a nightmare for others. Many dream of a quieter life with less pollution and pressure – a home away from the bright lights and constant noise. A house and land package away from the big city is both affordable and achievable. Feel safe in the knowledge that your home will last you a lifetime and know that you can invest in confidence. Feel what it’s like to belong, without sacrificing modern luxuries and conveniences. With a house and land package away from the city, you really can have it all.



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